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Ahn Sohee is a South Korean actress, singer, model, and dancer, and he was born on June 27, 1992. She also is a rapper. When she was at the age of twelve, she obtained the chance to be a JYP trainee through auditions, and from here music career began.
The beautiful actress was the member of Wonder Girl, a popular South Korean girls group. She started her acting career in 2004. Her first short film is “Synesthesia For Overtone Constracton” where she acted as a deaf girl. She made her debut of modeling with “Vision of a Beauty” advertisement campaign. The actress was awarded “17th Buil Film Awards” for best new actress in 2008.


Ahn Sohee was born on June 27 in 1992, and now she is twenty-four. Her star sign is Cancer. She stands 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) tall, and weighs 43 kg. Blood type is AB, and religion is Buddhism.
Sohee was born in South Korea and she is a Korean by birth. Her original name is Ahn So-hee.
Blood Type: AB
Label: JYP Entertainment
Korean Name: Hangul, 안소희, Hanja, 安昭熙
Facebook ID: @AhnSohee0627
Twitter ID: @WGsohee
Ahn So Hee was born on June 27 in 1992 in Seoul, South Korean and a Korean by birth. Her born name is Ahn, but known as Sohee.
Ahn So Hee was not happy in her childhood because her parents divorced when she was fourth grade. Despite the fact she appeared cheerful on the outside.
Ahn was very talented girl in her childhood. She had willingness to participate any competition, especially when it is a dance competition. Her parents supported her for all time, without making any doubt about her.
When she was a girl of twelve years, she was selected through auditions and became a JYP trainee. She debuted with a Korean famous girl group named Wonder Girls which was supervised by JYP Entertainment after two years of training.
The girls group “Wonder Group” gained popularity through their hits “Tell Me”, “Nobody” and “So Hot”. Her group got the title of Nation’s Little Sister.
Ahn So Hee’s career as an actress began in her early age with the acting in the short film “The Synesthesia For Oertone Constructon. To be a singer was her own decision.
But when she wanted to gain the title of an actress and a model altogether, her family members suggested her to think about the decision deeply. However, now she is a popular actress, singer and model.


Shooe was the student of Chang Dam Middle School, and completed high school education from this school.


She is the younger member of her family, and she has an older named Soyoung. Her father name is Ahn Byung. In her childhood, her parents divorced.

Career & Bio

The career of Ahn Sohee began when she was twelve. She gained the opportunity to be a JYP trainee at the age of twelve selected through the auditions. After joining the famous girls group name “Wonder Girls”, her musical career got new turn. Her group debuted with the single “Irony”. The members of the group made it very popular through their performances.
She made her debut on the big screen with the short film “The Synesthesia For Overtone” (2004) where she got the role of a deaf girl. She has equal interest for both acting and modeling. We can see her in various fashion magazines. The actress participated in Vision of Beauty advertisement campaign in 2011.
Ahn got the award “17th Buil Film Awards” for the new actress in 2008.


* The Synesthesia For Overtone Construction (2004)
* Hellcats (2008)
* Mr. Go (2013)
* Single Rider (2016)
* Train to Busan (2016)

Drama Series

* Entourge (tnV/2016)
* Heart to Heart (tvN/2015)

Music Videos

* Without a Heart (2009)
* Love Sick (2010)


* 17th Buil Film Awards (2008)
* 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Awards (2008)

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately $20 million in 2016.


The actress is not willing to expose herself to public, but nothing can be secret about an actress or celebrity. There is rumor that actor Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn So Hee have been dating for a year.
Couple of months ago, Ahn Sohee announced that she signed with KeyEast, the same company as Kim Soo Hyun. Most people believe that the rumor is false one. Sohee and Kim Soo Hee know each other, but they are not dating.

Favorite Things

Music: Pop music
Cloths: Skirt, leggings, shirt and long coat.
Color: Pink and Black
Stars: Jeon Do Yeon, Park Hae II and Bae Doo Na
Garment: Sock
Song: “Right Here” by Justin Bieber
Book: The Alchemist
Western actor: Marion Cotillard
Season: Winter and Spring
Flower: Roses
Number: 4
Animal: Dog
Fruit: Grapes
Drink: Coke

Fun facts

* Sohee wears fake eyelashes.
* Sohee was the first to call Sohee ‘Mandu’.
* She has hearing problem.
* She does not count how many showers she takes a week.
* She wears sock when she goes to sleep.
* She likes to be called “Fresh Sohee”
* Sohee likes Teen Top.
* She is scared of solsiers.
* She is confused about her favorite food.
* She prefer everything over fish.
* She likes to be a smiling girl.
* She used to love the sound of burps.
* She does not like garlic and vinegar.
* She doesn’t like role of a cute girl.
* She wants to communicate with more and more people through singing.

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