Profile and Facts of Jin ho of PENTAGON: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Jin-ho is a South Korean singer belonging to Cube Entertainment. He was a former trainee of SM Entertainment and had been a member of the SM Entertainment project boy group SM the Ballad for four years (2010-2014).
After having finished activities of SM the Ballad, he transformed his base from SM Entertainment to Cube Entertainment.
Now he is in the middle of taking an audition to become a official member of the new boy group PENTAGON from Cube Entertainment, which is supposed to make debut in July 2016.


Birth Date, Sun Sign, Height, Weight & Measurements

Jin-ho was born on April 14, 1992. He is currently 24 years old. His sign is Aries.
He is 175 centimeters tall and weighs 58 kilograms.

Bio and SNS

Blood Type: A
Label: Cube Entertainment
Korean Name: 조진호
Official Website:
Twitter ID: @jino__bot
Facebook page URL:

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, Stories as a child

Jin-ho was born in South Korea.
His real name is Cho Jinho and is a South Korean in nationality.
From childhood, he was said to have great interest in singing.
At the age of 16, he was scouted by people of SM Entertainment and took part in the SM Everysing Contest.
To be surprise, he won the first prize and became a trainee of the 14th SM Academy, where he had trained himself so hard for becoming KPOP idol for two years.
In 2010, he luckily held the opportunity to make his debut as a member of the project boy group called SM the ballad, consisted of four singers from SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Typhoon, and SHINee’s Jonghyun and him.
They released the first album “S.M.
The Ballad Vol.
1 – 너무 그리워 (Miss You)” in November of the same year.
It seemed that his life as an entertainer had a smooth sailing life so far….


He graduated from a high school in South Korea, but he couldn’t attend school because he was so busy for activities as a trainee of SM Entertainment.


No information about family.

Career & Bio

As mentioned above, Jin-ho made his debut through activities of the SM Entertainment project group SM the ballad, gaining great popularity among young girls.
But SM the ballad was a limited-time group, so his activities as a member of the group lasted only four years.
After breaking up the group, he was said to make official debut as a member of EXO, the new boy group of SM Entertainment, which made his fans so excited.
Contrary to his fans’ expectation, however, Jin-ho was not selected as a member of EXO.
Seeing many his contemporaries starting their career as entertainers, he was forced to wait for his own debut for a long time.
In 2015, about seven years had passed since he became a trainee of SM Entertainment, he couldn’t make official debut from the agency yet.
He finally gave up his debut through the agency and made his decision to transform his base to a new agency, Cube Entertainment, which would start a new audition TV program named PENTAGON MAKER (2016-present).
In the audition program, the 10 prospective members challenge a lot of missions to become a member of PENTAGON, which is going to make debut in July 2016.
Jin-ho is in the middle of challenging the missions risking his life as an entertainer.
We cannot help but his success in the audition program and making his debut as a member of new boy group.
Hanging there and good luck, Jin-ho!

Net Worth

No information about net worth.


Jin-ho seems to have never been dating with anyone after being a trainee of SM Entertainment.
When becoming a trainee of the agency, Jin-ho was just 16 years old.
From the moment of belonging to the agency, he stepped into the unknown world that he had never experienced ever before.
Maybe he made enthusiastic efforts to keep up with learning the rules of the South Korean show business.
It is not difficult to imagine that he could not afford to be dating with someone at that time.
Now, he is 24 years old, it is no wonder for him to have a girlfriend, but he seems not to.
He might decide not to be dating anyone until he is able to make his debut as a member of the new boy group PENTAGON.

Favorite Things

Hobby: playing guitar and piano
Specialty: speaking Chinese
Favorite singer: Jonghyun (SHINee)

Fun facts

1. His singing ability was found by Super Junior’s Yesung.
2. According to Jonghyun of SHINee, Jin-ho looked like a model like a student.
3. He couldn’t attend high school because of busy schedules as a trainee of SM Entertainment.
4. When asked to describe his voice, he said his voice was like rice that everyone will need.
5. He was supposed to make debut as a member of EXO.
6. EXO K’s kyungsoo is his best friend.
7. He was said to be “a discovered son” by the members of Super Junior.
8. His nickname is JINO.

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