Who is Suzy's Boyfriend? Lovelife about Suzy of Miss A

Who is Suzy’s boyfriend now?
I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Bae Su-ji popularly known as Suzy is a South Korean actress and and singer.
She was born on october 10, 1994 at Gwangju, South Korean.
Suzy is a member of the girl group Miss A.
Before her debut with the group, she was an online shopping model and was scouted by JYP Entertainment.
After receiving training from JYP, she joined other members to form Miss A in March 10.
Apart from doing songs with his group members, Suzy has also done some solo projects and has gained popularity throughout the years.
She is best known for her role in the drama Dream High.


Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho a South Korean actor is the current boyfriend of Suzy.
Rumors started circulating that the two were dating when a picture of them spending time in London came out.
They later came out to confirm that they were dating and are happy.
Their trip to London was to have fun and spend some time together.

Ex Boyfriend

There has been several rumors about Suzy’s ex.
Though his name is withheld there were claims the former couples are planning a come back.
However, Suzy and her agency has denied the claims.
Suzy is still dating Lee Min Ho.

Her Ideal type of man

Suzy currently expressed her satisfaction with her current boyfriend.
In an interview, she said her boyfriend was caring and warm person.
This made her had interest in him and the experience has been great.
However in a tv interview Suzy chose Kang Dong Won as her ideal type.

How she thinks about marriage

Suzy wants to marry someone around her age who she can spend much time with and also be a friend.
The Miss A group member in an interview said she will think about marriage when she finds she really loves.

Her Ideal situation of dating

Suzy does not talk much about her relationships and sees it as private.
With busy schedules, Suzy is currently dating Lee Min Hoo who is also an actor.

How her fan think about her lover

Fans of Suzy has not been commenting much on her current boyfriend.
Min Ho according to some fans is just a right guy for Suzy and wish them well.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies She Appeared On

Uncontrollably Fond (2016)
My Love From the Star (2013-2014)
Gu Family Book (2013)
Big (2012)
Sent From Heaven (2012)
Dream High 2 ( 2012)
Dream High ( 2010)

List of Love Songs She Sings

Only You (2015)
I don’t need a Man (2013)
Bad Girl Good Girl (2013)
Love Alone (2011)
Love Again (2011)
Over U (2013)
Like U (2013)
Love is U (2013)

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