Who is Bobby's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Bobby of iKon

Who is Bobby’s girlfriend now?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Born as Kim Ji-won, Bobby is a South Korean rapper and a member of iKon boy group.
He is signed under the YG Entertainment.
He won Mnet rap competition “Show me the Money” in 2014 as a trainee.
However, Bob became a member of iKon through the Mnet reality show Mix & Match.
Bobby has also featured in several songs like Born Hater by Epic High, I’m Different by Hi Suhyun and many others.
He was also scheduled to have a solo debut in June 2016.


Ji Min of AoA

Bobby was rumored to be dating Ji Min of AoA.
This is not confirmed and appears to be just speculations trading around.
Bobby and Ji-min has also said nothing about it and this shows the story may be false.

Ex Girlfriend

Bobby has been very secretive with his love life.
You don’t really hear of who he is seeing and for how long.
Even if there are rumors about his love life, such rumors dies naturally.
He has been able to really manage this and it is helping him pretty well.

His Ideal type of woman

Being a hip pop art with a swag, many would have high expectation as his ideal type.
But here is exactly the type of lady Bobby prefers:
Bobby’s ideal type is someone who is attractive and easy going.
He also prefers someone who is hardworking and supportive.
Understanding partner and also someone very caring.

How he thinks about marriage

Bobby has not talked much about marriage and keeps his romantic love affairs secret.
But as a nice an gentle looking guy, Bobby is a very positive type of person and sees marriage as pretty good.

His Ideal situation of dating

Bobby’s ideal situation for dating will be when he finds someone who appeals to him.
So when he is ready and find a nice person, he will date.

How his fan think about his lover

Some fans are going crazy to hear who Bobby is dating.
But up till now such information is not out which keeps them in suspense.
They are however optimistic Bobby will choose the right person.

List of Love Songs He Sings

What You Doin (2015)
Apology (2015)
What’s Wrong (2015)
I Miss You so Bad (2015)
Just Another Boy (2015)
It’s Love (2016)

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