Profile and Facts of Hong Seok of Pentagon: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Hongseok is a member of Pentagon, a ten member South Korean idol group that debuted in 2016.
The group is under the management of Cube Entertainment and the members were picked from Mnet’s K-Pop Survival Show titled the Pentagon Maker.
Hongseok is known as the vocalist of the group.
The group has just recently promoted themselves this 2016.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Hongseok was born on April 17, 1994
He is now 22 years old.
His zodiac sign is Aries and his Chinese zodiac sign is Dog.

Height, Weight & Measurements

He stands 180 cm tall and his weight is unknown.

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, bio and SNS

Blood Type: Unknown
Label: Cube Entertainment
Official Website: None
Twitter ID: None
Twitter URL: None
Facebook page URL: None
Instagram ID: None
Instagram URL: None
Hongseok was born in South Korea.
He was born by the real name of Yang Hong Seok.
Hongseok has always wanted to become a K-pop idol ever since he was a child, and he pursued his dream by joining auditions and become a trainee for years.
There is not much information regarding Hongseok’s childhood.


There is no information regarding his family.

Career & Bio

Before he debuted as a member of Pentagon, Hongseok was a trainee of YG Entertainment .
He was in Hong Kong when he won YG Entertainment’s audition contest.
He also auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but he unfortunately failed to get in.
YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are South Korea’s most prominent recording labels.
It was in 2014 when Hongseok left YG Entertainment and he transferred to Cube Entertainment in 2015.
Aside from being a K-Pop idol, Hongseok has also modeled for the brand CLRIDEN along with his other members and fellow K-Pop idol Hyuna.

Group Discography

Young (Prod. by Dok2) (Single, 2016)
Find Me (Prod. by Tiger JK, (Single, 2016)


Mix&Match (2014)
Pentagon Maker (2016)
Spark (2016)

Net Worth

It is unknown as to how much Hongseok’s networth is.


Hongseok has never been in a relationship controversy.

Favorite Things

Food: Asian Food
Drink: Healthy Drink
Drama Genre: Action, Mystery, Romance
Favorite colors: Black
Favorite Movie: Action Movies
Favorite Music: Pop
Role Model: Seniors from Cube Entertainment
Personality: Jolly
Hobby: Singing
Place: South Korea

Fun facts

Known as vocalist in the group.
Does not like annoying people.
Is known to be really cute.
He becomes happy when he is with his members.
He becomes sad when he can’t practice.
He becomes mad when people take him for granted.
He becomes sleepy when bored.
He becomes relax when he eats his comfort food.

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