Who is Wonho's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Wonho from Monsta X

Who is Wonho’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Shin Ho Seok (신호석), popularly known as Wonho, was born on March 1, 1993 in Anyang, South Korea.
The 23 year old idol is a member of the Korean hip hop boy group Monsta X, managed by Starship Entertainment.
In the mentioned boy group, Wonho is the vocalist, dancer, and visual of group.
Furthermore, Monsta X and 7 members of Cosmic Girls formed a group called And Teen (Y Teen). The new group debuted with a digital single entitled “Do Better” (2016).
Wonho was already an ulzzang before he debuted as member of Monsta X. In Korea, ulzzang refers to a good looking web celebrity who posts a lot of pictures of pictures of himself on social networks.
Wonho loves his mother very much. His mother becomes his role model.


Up to date, Wonho has not revealed his relationship status. However, he has declared that he is single on January 2016.
At the moment there is a high possibility Wonho does is not involved in a relationship with anyone.

Ex Girlfriend

Jung Daeun

A post shared by Daeun Jung (@cvors) on Sep 1, 2016 at 3:20am PDT

Wonho is said to have dated fellow ulzzang Jung Daeun before debuting. Born a female, he recently gained attention on the web because of his transition.
He reportedly received testosterone injections since he identified as a male. According to the netizens, Wonho dated him as a cover-up, since at the time there were rumors surrounding her sexuality.
The netizen stated that he was actually dating another ulzzang girl, Seo Ji Hye.

Seo Ji Hye

Wonho had a relationship with an ulzzang girl named Seo Ji Hye (서지혜) during his pre-debut period.
She has other nicknames including Mimi and Hyennie. Her birthday is April 1, 1992, roughly a year younger than Wonho. She was born in Busan, South Korea.
Seo Ji Hye is currently working as a model. They have ended their relationship, but the exact date is unknown.

Ideal Type of Woman

Wonho said he likes brunette girls, and girls who like to cook ramen and cook it well.
Furthermore, Wonho likes girls who have a “clean impression”. But, he does not further explain what he means.

Views on Marriage

On January 12, 2016, during his appearance in SBS Power FM’s show “Lee Kuk Ju’s Young Street”, DJ Lee Kuk Ju asked the members of Monsta X about the type of girl they want to marry.
Wonho’s statement was a surprise to the members, and the fans of Wonho will have their hearts broken after hearing it.
Wonho said: “I’m celibate. I have no interest in marriage. My younger brother will carry on the family name, so I’m not worried about that.”
At the same time, Wonho has declared that he is single during the show.

Ideal Dating Situation

Wonho has not said anything about his ideal dating situation. He is also very busy as a k-pop idol, therefore he does not have time for dating in the first place.

Fan’s Opinions

Fans of Wonho do not post much comments about his ex girlfriend, Seo Ji Hye, or any relationship issue in general.
After the rumors with Jung Daeun came out, his fans were wary of people who defined him as gay. Many of his followers think that he should be the one to define his sexuality.


TV Dramas

Monsta X (all members) appeared as cameos in dramas:
– “The Producers” (2015)
– “High-End Crush” (2015)
– “Goodnight, Teacher” (2016)



-“Trespass” (2015)
-“Rush” (2015)
-“The Clan Pt. 1 ‘LOST'” (2016)
-“The Clan Part. 2 ‘GUILTY'” (2016)


-“Do Better” (2016) And Teen (Y Teen)

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