Who is Sana's Boyfriend? Lovelife of Sana from Twice

Who is Sana’s boyfriend? I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Sana, born Sana Minatozaki, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea, born on December 29, 1996 in Osaka, Japan. She is a member of the group Twice where she serves as a vocalist and dancer.
Her interested in k-pop got high in the early 2010s, when Girls Generation and Kara started to gain popularity in Japan. This encouraged her to audition while in middle school after being spotted by a JYP scout at a shopping mall.
In 2012, she passed the audition to become a member of Twice which debuted in 2015.
Before her debut with Twice, She featured in the music video of GOT7.


Sana is currently not dating and it is a management decision. All members of Twice of which Sana is part have been placed on a three year ban.
Until the three years is due, which is around 2018, the 20 year old singer cannot go into a relationship.
It is not known whether Sana had a boyfriend or had dated before joining TWICE. But since such claims or rumors have not been made it means she has probably not dated before.
Even if she has, no one knows who the person was and the time of such relationship.

Rumor: Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook is a member of the famous k-pop group BTS.
There was a slight rumor when the two were the MCs for a music show in 2016. Fans from both sides speculated that they were in a relationship.
They were interacting very closely to each other. Fans thought they looked good together.

Ideal Type of Man

Sana does not only look for her benefits when choosing an ideal type. In fact she also puts her family’s wellbeing into perspective when it comes to choosing such a person.
She prefers someone who will treat her parents with respect and diligence. A guy who is hardworking and professional in his career.

Views on Marriage

She is not even dating, let alone thinking about marriage, now.
She has said nothing when it comes to her ideas and expectations towards marriage. Members of Twice have not been forthcoming when it comes to such topics.

Ideal Dating Situation

The gorgeous member of TWICE will only find an ideal situation for dating after her three year ban is over. So until then she has all her plans but has not been revealed to the public.

Fan’s Opinions

Sana is adorable and has many fans who love her which makes them comment on her activities. However, when it comes to dating there are no such comments.
However, there are fans that approve of her relationship with Jungkook, whether it is true or not.


-Like Ooh Ahh (2015) TWICE
-Do it Again (2015) TWICE
-Going Crazy (2015) TWICE
-Truth (2015) TWICE
-Candy Boy (2015) TWICE
-Like a Fool (2015) TWICE
-Cheer Up (2016) TWICE
-Precious Love (2016) TWICE
-Touchdown (2016) TWICE
-Ready to Talk (2016) TWICE
-My headphones on (2016) TWICE
-TT (2016) TWICE
-1 to 10 (2016) TWICE
-Jelly Jelly (2016) TWICE
-Pit-A-Pat (2016) TWICE
-Next Page (2016) TWICE

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