Who is Lee Hyun Woo's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Lee Hyun Woo

Who is Lee Hyun Woo‘s girlfriend?
I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Lee Hyun woo is a South Korean singer and actor.
He was born on March 23, 1993 in Seoul South Korea.
Lee Hyun woo made a debut in acting whiles a child with a popular series Return of Iljimae in 1999.
He also made appearance in several productions like Queen Seondeok, Master of Study, To the Beautiful You and many others.
Hyunwoo had a breakthrough in the movie industry when he starred in the box office hit Secretly, Greatly in 2013.
He also hosted Music on Top on jTBC with B2ST’s member Yoo Doo-joon.
He has won for himself several awards including KBS Award for Best Young Actor in King Sejong the Great.


It is not known whether the To the Beautiful You, actor is currently in any relationship.
Though he has stated in an interview before that, he would want to make his dating public, it is not known whether he is in any relationship now. Year old singer is most focused on his career.
For now, the 23 year old singer can be said as single.

Ex Girlfriend


There were several rumors that Lee Hyun Woo was in a romantic relationship with IU.
This was because both had been friends for long and were seen also together on several occasions.
However, Lee came out to say that the two were not dating but just friends.
According to him, he even called IU when the rumors started and asked what they could do about it, but she told him they should just let it go.

Ideal Type of Woman

Lee Hyun woo has not been forthcoming when it comes to issues concerning his relationship.
To this effect, it is not known what type of woman he seeks to date.
So let’s wait till he comes out to reveal that secret to the public.

Views On Marriage

On marriage, Lee Hyun woo hope to get married as soon as possible.
This is because he wants to make his family a stable one and getting married early would help him achieve that.
He also wants to be a father who can be referred to as a friend by his children.

Ideal Dating Situation

To the situation for his dating and other preferences, Lee as I said earlier has not made any public revelations on his dating.

Fan’s Opinion

There a lot of fans who follow Lee’s activities and career, and have been commenting in his work.
However when it comes to dating, fan has nothing to discuss since he has no girlfriend now.
So till he gets a love one, fans would have to keep waiting for that expectant day.


Spring Day – 2005
The Legend – 2007
Lobbyist – 2007
King Sejong the Great – 2007
The Return on Ilijae
Queen Seondeok – 2009
Brain – 2011
Man From the Equator – 2012
The Beautiful You – 2012
Scholar Who Walks the Night – 2015
Moorim School – 2016
A Dirty Carnival – 2006
Glove – 2011
Secretly Greatly – 2013
The Con Artist – 2014
Northern Limit Line – 2015
The Beauty Inside – 2015


Your Face ft Louie of Geeks
It’s Me – 2015
Feel so Good – 2016

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