Who is XIUMIN's girlfriend? Lovelife of XIUMIN from EXO

Who is XIUMIN’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and love life.


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Born on March 26th, 1990 with birth name Kim Min-seok at Guri, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
He is a South Korean singer and actor and a member of the popular boyband EXO. Xiumin is the member of the sub group EXO-M and also participates in the activities of the sub-unit EXO-CBX.
He is also the oldest member among the group.

XIUMIN’s Girlfriend

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He is currently single right now. When Xiumin gets caught on the camera with a woman she often is a job partner in dramas, web series, or MVs.
In his six year old career he has never been caught with in any relationship with anybody.

Ex Girlfriend

No information could be found about his past relationships as well.
There have been scoops and speculations about different members of EXO or former members such as Kris, Luhan, Tao, D.O, but Xiumin doesn’t seem to have ties with anybody.

His Ideal Woman

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Xiumin is quite reserved when it comes to love and relationship. However, he did disclose in an interview he reveled what type of girl he likes.
The singer said that he likes a woman who is huggable and one who can comfort others. Being the oldest member of EXO he sometimes needs to be mature enough to handle other members behavior. That’s probably why he needs a woman who can spoil and comfort him.
He also stated that what matters to him is not the first impression. He wants to date somebody who he goes along well with and that makes him feel good.
During an interview published in KPOP Map, when asked about ideal age differences Xiumin said “Anyone who isn’t a grandma or a baby”.

Opinion on Marriage

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When asked about marriage, Xiumin did not say much in particular.
He said he will get married when he meets a girl he really cares about.
Compared to other members from EXO-M, Xiumin looks more reserved about his love life.

His Ideal Dating Plan

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Xiumin doesn’t talk much about dating.
He even forbade his sister to date! We can think that Xiumin is quite strict about romance.

What do Fans think about His Lover

His fans are quite anxious and always speculating about his secret relationships.
When somebody posted a picture of Xiumin kissing Kim So Eun on some scene of a website drama, all his fans blew up.

List of Love Dramas He Appeared On

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2016- Seondal : The Man Who Sells the River
2015- Exo Next Doo
2016- Falling For Challenge

List of Love Songs He Appeared On

2015- You Are The One
2015- For You
2016- Call You Bae

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