Who is Amber Rose's boyfriend? Lovelife about Amber Rose

Who is Amber Rose’s boyfriend?
Let me introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Amber Rose was born on October 21, 1983. She is a former stripper, model, actress, host and a female advocate, and a fashion designer.
It was reported that she began stripping in the age of fifteen to provide her family after the divorce of her parent. Rose released her debut single alongside with Wiz Khalifa, titled “Fame”.

Ex-Boyfriend: Val Chmerkovskiy

Amber Rose confirmed her relationship with Val Chmerkovskiy in the end of the year of 2016. They met in the program called “Dancing with the Stars” and have been rumored to be a couple since during the program.
Later in Amber Rose’s personal Instagram account, she posted a picture of herself with Val, calling him bae. This was enough to speculate that they were both dating at that time.
Few weeks after she posted their photo on Instagram, Amber and Val spotted holding hands and grabbing dinner together. However, their relationship only lasted for several months and reported to break up earlier this year.

Past Relationships

Wiz Khalifa

Back in July 2013, she married the singer Wiz Khalifa. It was reported that Wiz and Amber Rose started dating in 2010.
She gave a birth to a son named Sebastian in February 2013 before she legally married with Wiz Khalifa. Amber posted on her Instagram account the photos of her wedding with Wiz Khalifa accompanied with their son.
However, after a year marrying Wiz Khalifa, they divorced in 2014. Later after having filed for divorce, she shared about how she felt on Twitter.

Kanye West

Back in 2008, reportedly date a popular singer and rapper, Kanye West.
Amber and Kanye West was one of the popular celebrity couple at that time, fans were cheering for them when they were attended the red carpet of Video Music Awards together as a couple at that time.
The couple broke up in 2010. The causes of their split reportedly because of Kanye West who was cheating with now wife, Kim Kardashian.
Later after break up with Kanye West, Amber Rose shared her experience and broke down in tears in an Interview.

Eddie Murphy

In September 2010, when Amber was 26 years old, she dates a 49 years old famous actor Eddie Murphy. However, their love relationship was last only for a couple of months. Amber and Eddy were reported to break up in November 2010.
Eddy Murphy is currently dating the beautiful actress Paige Butcher since 2012 after the previously rumored relationship with Toni Braxton and Rocsi Diaz in 2012.
Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy have a daughter named Izzy Oona.

Ideal Type

In 2009, Rose stated that she extremely open with her sexuality.
She stated that she can be falling in love to both women and men, she added that she definitely find beauty in everybody, whether they’re skinny, white, black, Asian, or even Spanish.
She can definitely try to be in a relationship if she likes someone and that person like her back.

Opinion on Marriage

Amber Rose married the singer Wiz Khalifa in 2013 after gave a birth to their son.
Amber Rose didn’t seem to expect a marriage because at that time she married with Wiz Khalifa after gave a birth to their son without announced an engaged before.
She is known to be a player since she dated more than 20 different guys in public, people just assumed that she can’t live with the same guy for a long time.


Amber Rose gave a birth to her only son Sebastian Taylor Thomas on February 21, 2013. Sebastian is the child from her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa.
The first time she told public about her pregnancy was when she shared a photo of herself showing off her pregnant belly on her personal Instagram account.
Later after Sebastian was born, she decided to marry his dad. Wiz Khalifa and showed up her son in her wedding with Wiz Khalifa.

Family Life

Even though after divorce with Wiz Khalifa, she still has a close relationship with him because of their son, Sebastian. Recently Wiz and Amber have the birthday party for their son, Sebastian.
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa posed in their son’s birthday party wearing superhero costumes looked really happy. Wiz and Amber also seen recently as a family in a street near Amber’s house. The public wondered if they’re reconciling.

Ideal Dating Situation

Amber once shared about her relationship life in an interview. She confessed hat she like a kind of wild situation when she had a sex with her lover.
She said that she like to date any kind of a guy, she likes to date much older guys as well. She also confessed that she dated a woman in the past.
When she was dating, she often was kissing and hugging her lover in many public places such as in the street and in a beach.

Fans’ Opinion

She has more than 14 million followers on her Instagram. Since she got so many fans around the world, she got a lot of support for her works as well as her love relationship.
Amber Rose is known for her public relationship with many guys. A lot of her fans don’t mind about this. They are still happy, commented on her photos congratulate her for dating a new guy.
Even though there some fans who posted hate comments of her relationship, there are even more fans who always support her.

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