Who is Keith Richards' Wife? Lovelife about Keith Richards

Who is Keith Richards’s wife?
Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Keith Richards was born on the 18th of December, 1943 in Kent, England. He is an English singer, songwriter and memoir-writer.
Actually, his memoirs are the best selling ones not only in the country, but abroad as well. In his 20s Keith along with Mick Jagger formed a famous band “Rolling Stones”, where he is a guitarist.
The singer is on the list of “Top 100 best guitarists in the world” His songs are in the list of the best ones the band has sung.
Keith appered in many TV shows as a guest and starred in “Pirates of the Caribbean” as Captain Teague.

Patti Hensen

In 1979 Richards met the love of his life. Patti Hensen is a 61 year old American model with a long and fruitful career behind her back.
He and Patti Hensen were dating for 4 years before they got married in 1983. The wedding took place on his 40 birthday at the Finnistera Hotel in Mexico.
The couple has 2 grown daughters who are in their 30s now – Theodora (1985) and Alexandra (1986). The girls became an anspiration for the Keith’s book “Gus and Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar.”
In 2004 Patti and her daughters modelled together for a perfume company. Patti and Keith and still happy together.

Previous Relationships

Lil Wenglass Green

In between the two major women in his life Keith Richards was dating the Swedish model Lil Wenglass Green. She was one of the “The Rolling Stones”‘s groupies and the guitarist reciprocated her interest. They were together from 1978 to 1979.

Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg was originally the girlfriend of another member of “The Rolling Stones” – Brian Jones. But during the vacation in Morocco Keith practically stole her from his groupmate.
And it wasn’t just a short affair, because the two has lived together for about 13 years. Anita and Keith have never got married, but they lived happily and even had 3 children together.
Unfortunately, the youngest one died from a sudden infant death syndrome. At that time Keith was on the tour and went on with the concert even after having found out the bad news.

Ideal Type

For Keith a woman is a precious creature. Thought he confessed he used to have a lot of fans who wanted to get in his pants, he treated them all with dignity and never went for it.
His ideal woman is mature and intelligent, you can talk with her and not just have sex. This woman also has a good sense of humor. He doesn’t care about the hair color.

Opinions on Marriage

When Keith was young he had different values. He was a rock star, many people called him a junkie, he simply didn’t care about the rules.
He and the mother of his two children lived together for more than 10 years without even getting married. With age, the singer became more mature and started to value official relationships. He married Patti and the couple lives happily ever since.


The rock star has two children with Anita Pallenberg. They had 3 children: a son, Marlon Leon Sundeep (named after the actor Marlon Brando), 48 yers old and a daughter, Angela (originally named Dandelion), 45 years old, and the youngest one who died at the very early age.
With his wife Keith also has 2 children: daughters Theodora Dupree and Alexandra Nicole – 30 and 31 years old respectively. He doesn’t plan to have any more children.

Family Life

It may be strange, but a junkie and a trouble maker was a very strict father! This may seem unbeliavable, but it is what his children say.
Keith treasured and loved his children very much and didn’t want him to be like him. He wanted them to grow up as well-bred and intelligent people with good manners.
That’s why he was strict about their actions and relationships and controlled the way they looked and talked. Richards is a proud father.

Ideal Dating Situation

Keith likes attention of fans. For him it is ideal to be on the spotlight, he like to appear with his spouse in public places, shows and on the red carpet.

Fans’ Opinion

Patti is an American model and actress with a lot of fans of her own. She used to have more fans when she was younger and had more tempting forms.
Fans are glad that they’ve maganed to stay together for such a long time and hope they will stay together till the end.

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