Who is Patrick Wilson's Wife? Lovelife about Patrick Wilson

Who is Patrick Wilson’s wife?
Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Patrick Joseph Wilson was born on the 3rd of July, 1973 in Virginia, USA. He is a famous American singer and actor.
His acting career started in 1995 from the Broadway Musical. The actor stars in movies, horror movies and drama series on TV. For his talent and performance Patrick was nominated for Tony and Golden Globe Awards.
Besides, he has a set of his own records and audio books voiceovers. Sometimes, he performs at concerts with his brothers Paul and Mark.

Dagmara Domińczyk

Patrick married Dagmara Domińczyk on the 18th of June, 2005. She is an American-polish actress who studied in the same university as he did.
They both have attended Carnegie Mellon University but he graduated 3 years earlier than her. The happy family built their nest in New Jersey, USA.
On the 23rd of June, 2006 Dagmara gave birth to their first child, a boy called Kalin Patrick Wilson. In 3 years their second son Kassian McCarrell Wilson was born.

Previous Relationships

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Before getting married Patrick was in a relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She saw him when he was performing in the Broadway musical.
At that time she wasn’t single, but decided to ditch her boyfriend for Patrick. The couple was often seen attending publick events together. They dated from 2001 to 2002.

Holly C.

For 3 years from 1996 to 1999 Patrick was together with Holly C. There is not much information about her.

Christa Denton

In 1996 Wilson dated Christa Denton. She is a 45-year-old American actress. They were together only for 4 months.

Opinion on Marriage

Wilson absolutely supports marriage. It is an important step for him. Once you are married, you need to love and respect your wife and can not cheat on her.
The actor was very close to his family and he considers these ties very important. He doesn’t think that marriage could bother a carrer.


Patrick Wilson and wife Dagmara Dominczyk have two children: Kalin who is 10 years old and Kassian who is 7 years old.
The couple has never said about planning a third child.
The family enjoys spending time together. They have a house in the suburbs with nature around. They like to go out and teach children new things and skills like riding bicycle.

Fans’ Opinion

Fans find Wilson’s wife very sweet and serious at the same time. She is a very talented woman. In between raising their children, she acts in movies and writes novels.
On the other side, some fans find her not hot enough to be with Wilson. That’s why she often debates with them on Twitter.

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