Who is Debby Ryan's boyfriend? Lovelife of Debby Ryan

Who is Debby Ryan’s boyfriend?
Let me introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Debby Ryan is one of the youngest Disney stars, who has played in many shows intended for a young audience.
This American actress has lived as a child for many years in Germany, and for this reason she speaks german fluently even today. Returning to the US, she began his career in the entertainment industry by reciting for some TV commercials.
Her popularity has reached its zenith since the end of the 2000s by interpreting several characters in fiction and TV series such as “Hanna Montana”.
In addition to television and movies, Debbie Ryan is also a singer and musician. She has recorded some songs on her own, working with her brother, and with her band “The Never Ending”.
The young actress, aged twenty-four, has won numerous awards for her performances, and is also active in the project for the less fortunate children “Disney’s friends for change.”


Debby Ryan is currently single and there are no infos regarding recent dates.
The latest sighting occured on December 2016, when Debby was spotted together with his ex-boyfriend Josh Dun at John Feldmann’s Christmas party.
The ex couple posed for some pictures and shared some cool things on Snapchat and even if they haven’t been together since 2014 it is sure that they kept on good term with each other.

Past Relationships

Spencer Boldman

Spencer Boldman is rumored to have hung out with Debby between 2013 and 2014.
Spencer is known for his role as Adam Davenport on Dysney XD’s sitcom Lab Rats and he also appeared as guest in the series “Jesse” where Debby starred at the time.
They were rumored to be dating although in 2014 Mr. Boldman said in a tweet that “we are BFFs”.
Another funny thing happened on Twitter last year, when a fan asked Spencer why he doesn’t marry Debbie and he kinda proposed to her immediately as a joke.
She happily played along with that, answering him “Yeah I’ll marries w/ you for sure..”; reaction that made the fan dream about the eventual wedding!

Josh Dun

Josh Dun is the drummer of the band Twenty One Pilots and he dated the former “Jesse” star for nearly a year and half before interrupting the relationship during the fall of 2014.
Together they gained the reputation of “perfect couple”: during his tour, he sent her a care package with a sweet letter and his sweatshirt to show how much he was missing her.
Fans are still hoping for them to reunite one day and still support their love over the social networks.

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg Sulkin is another of the young Disney talents who played in the series Wizards alongside Selena Gomez. In addition the young actor also obtained a small part in the acclaimed sitcom Pretty Little Liars.
Back in 2010 rumors began swirling about Debby Ryan and Gregg when they were seen sticking together at Star Magazine ‘s young Hollywood Issue launch party.
The pair both answered the gossip claiming that they were nothing more than friends but they were spotted continuously together at various places and events. Yet, it is not certain what actually happened between them.

Ideal Type

Although Debby never spoke openly about her ideal type of man, it is clear that the former “Jessie” star adores sweet guys.
Consider her most important love story with the drummer Josh Dun: how cute they were to each other? It will suffice to check some old pictures of the ex-couple to verify how lovely he was.


Debby is married with her work indeed! She is very busy and she is now working on her new drama series Daytime Divas based on the book Satan’s Sisters that wil be debut this year.
Thanks to a picture shared by Debby on Snapchat, it turns out that she is totally in love and dedicated to her career.
She is not dating any human at the moment, BUT she is putting herself 100% into her work and seems that this makes her feel very happy.

Ideal Dating Situation

As romantic person she likes romantic situations such heart-melting shots on social networks, parties, romantic dinners in treehouses (with Josh Dun): these are just few of the elements to conquer her kind heart.
There is, though, a side of Debby that many do not know: in 2015 she finally opened up about a personal struggle close to home, a dating abuse.
She does know very well the distress that comes from a stalking relationship and ‘cause of that, she created the “Don’t look away” campaign, in order to bring awareness to women and share what happened to her.

Boy / Girlfriend

Fans have always been there for Debby and Josh, following their Twitter and Instagram page. When the drummer posted a pic of both of them at John Fieldman’s Christmas party, they literally freaked out.
After almost three years of being broken up, the former “goal couple” makes all over the world fans still hope for a reunite: thousands of tweets and messages cheering for the Jebby romance.


– Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse (2007)
– The Longshots (2008)
– What If… (2010)
– Secret of the Wings (2012)
– Muppets Most Wanted (2014)
– Grace (2017)
– Rip Tide (2017)
– Cover Versions (2017)
– Life of the Party (2018)


– We Ended Right (2010)
– Made of Matches (2011)
– We got the Beat (2012)

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