Who is Kodak Black's girlfriend? Lovelife about Kodak Black

Who is Kodak Black’s girlfriend?
Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Kodak Black born on 11th June 1997 is an American Rapper who was born in Pompano Beach , Florida, United States.
The rapper’s full birth name is Dieuson Octave and his zodiac sign is Gemini.


Kodak Black is reported to be single.

Ideal Type

Kodak Black one told in his interview that he dont like dark girls so his ideal girl must be the white.
Kodak Black also wants a girl who is caring and educated.

Opinion on Marriage

Kodak Black is not sure about his life partner yet and there are no signs of him getting married. He is still looking for his ideal woman.
He is looking for a woman who can take care of him.

Ideal Dating Situation

The rapper wants to date in a private place with his ideal woman and he likes to date on beach.

Fans’ Opinion

With a highly large circle, fans think that Kodak Black doesn’t have any relation going on.
His fans think that he is a gay lover.


Project baby (2013)
heart of the projects (2014)
institution (2015)
LIL BIG Pac (2016)
painting pictures (2017)

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