Who is Edward Snowden's girlfriend? Lovelife about Edward Snowden

Who is Edward Snowden’s girlfriend?
Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Edward Joseph Snowden was born on 21st June 1983 in North Carolina, USA. He is a computer engineer.
He was formerly associated with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and united states of America. In 2013, he was hired by
NSA contractor, In June of the same year he released thousandsof NSA files without authorization.
He also revealed numerous global surveillance programs and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance. He was charged with violation of Espionage Act of 1917 and illegal possession of government documents.
He is currently seeking asylum in Moscow, Russia.

Lindsey Mills

Edward Snowden was in a relationsip with Lindsey Mills before and at the time of histrials and espionage charges.
It is not sure if they have split their ways orare still seeing each other as Edward is seeking asylum in an undisclosed location in Moscow. It is hard to say if they are dating now or have called it off.

Ideal Type

Edward was not very famous before his releasing of NSA documents, after which he was termed as traitoras well as a hero. He was called an activist and favored for his patriotism.
He is in hiding and no information about his ideal type of women or his dating situation is known to people.

Opinion on Marriage

Edward Snowden was in a relationship with Lindsey Mills but they were not engaged and Snowden showed no clear intentions of getting married or engaged.
Especially after seeking asylum he might have let go of the idea of being married, since he can’t live a normal life with his family and will always be in hiding.

Ideal Dating Situation

He is termed as the whistleblower of NSA, and therefore has gone into hiding since carrying out the espionage operation.
Before he released the NSA documents, he liked to go out on dinner dates or bring dinner home to enjoy his date in privacy.

Fans’ Opinion

He has a fair share of fans. While Government agencies might term him as traitor, general population see him as patriot and a hero. For disclosing the government secrets.
His fans like his girlfriend Lindsey but their is no information about their currentrelationship. Fans also respect his privacy and favor him in seeking asylum in another country to be safe.

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