Members of EXO-K : Profile and Facts

Exo was originally a 12 member Chinese-South Korean boyband which is based in Seoul.
Afterwards in 2011 the band was divided into two subgroups which came to be known as Exo-K and Exo-M respectively performing in Korean and Mandarin.
Three of the Chinese members left the group some time later, and nowadays the band carries on with 9 members.



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BaekHyun is the main vocalist of Exo-K while his full name is Byun Baek Hyun.
BaekHyun was one of the last members to join EXO while he was introduced as the ninth member of the band on 30th of January in 2012.
BaekHyun had tried several times to join the industry and gave many auditions but he couldn’t get in. It wasn’t until he was able to impress a representative from SM Entertainment who heard him performing at an Art University and immediately decided to recruit him.
BaekHyun`s idol is Rain while he always wanted to be a celebrity since he was in 4th grade. BaekHyun is going to make his debut in 2016 in a Korean drama Moon Lovers.

  • Birth Name – Byun Baekhyun
  • Nickname (Stage Name ) – Baekhyun
  • Badge – Light
  • D.O.B – May 6 , 1992
  • Height – 174cm
  • From – South Korea
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – O
  • Position – Main vocalist
  • Education – Joongwon High School
  • Facts – ‘What Is Love ‘ is only sung by him and his band mate D.O.
  • Specialties – Hapkido , Piano
  • Introduced At Exo – 2011
  • Personality – Bright , Cheerful & Kind .
  • D.O

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    Do Kyung Soo a.k.a D.O is the lead vocalist of Exo-K. He is fluent in both Korean and English.
    D.O is regarded as the cleanest and neatest of all the members. His parents were always in support of his career and persuaded him to give his best shot.
    D.O shares room with Kai in the dorms while he is in charge of all the cooking in the dorm. D.O`s idol is Yoo Young Jin who is a composer. He was born on January 12th 1993 and his favorite number is 1.

  • Birth Name – Do Kung Soo
  • Nickname ( Stage Name ) – D.O
  • Badge – Earth
  • D.O.B – Jan 12, 1993
  • Height – 173cm
  • From – South Korea
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – A
  • Position –Main vocalist
  • Education – Baekseok High School.
  • Facts – Made his film debut in the movie CART.
  • Specialties – Singing, Beat Box
  • Introduced At Exo – Jan 30, 2102
  • Personality – Quite personality and had habits of humming songs.
  • SuHo

    SuHo is the leader of the group as well as the lead vocalist. SuHo`s full name is Kim Moon Jyun and he was born on 22nd of May, 1991.
    SuHo always wanted to be a singer even since he was a child and he is regarded as the second Choi Siwon of Super Junior.
    SuHo is said to be very polite and his favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. He knows Korean and his favorite number is 8. He also gave a short appearance on the “HaHaSong” MV along with TVXQ/DBSK.

  • Birth Name – Kim Joon Myun
  • Nickname (Stage Name) – Suho
  • Badge – Water
  • D.O.B – May 22, 1991.
  • Height – 173cm
  • From – Seoul
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – AB
  • Position – Leader (Guardian Of Exo)
  • Education – Korean National University Of Arts , Acting
  • Facts – He made a brief appearance in TVXQ’s music video , HaHaHa song along with the Exo-k’s Kai & Chanyeol
  • Specialties – Acting , Golf
  • Introduced At Exo – Feb 12,2012
  • Called As – Joon Myunnie
  • Known – 2nd Choi Siwon
  • Album – Pinocchio
  • Personality – Polite , Exemplar , Considerate .
  • Kai

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    Kim Jong In also known as Kai is a very versatile member of Exo-K. He is the lead rapper, the main dancer and vocalist in the group.
    Kim was recruited by SM Entertainment at a very young age and as he was only just in the 6th grade. He was told to come back after two years which obviously he did and undoubtedly became a great success.
    Kai is a very versatile dancer who has a command on dance styles like ballet, jazz, Locking, Hiphop and popping. Kai was the first member of EXO to be announced; he decided to pursue his career as a performer when he saw the legendary band Shinhwa perform on TV.
    He also appeared on TVXQ‘s “HaHaSong” MV along with SuHo and ChanYeol.

  • Birth Name – Kim Jong-in
  • Nickname (Stage Name ) – Kai
  • Badge – Teleportation
  • D.O.B – Jan 14, 1994
  • Height – 182cm
  • From – Seoul
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – A
  • Position – Main dancer , Vocalist , Rapper .
  • Education – Soul Arts High School.
  • Facts – Made a brief appearance in TVXQ’s video in HaHaHa song along with other members in 2008.
  • Specialties – Ballet , Popping , Rocking , Hip-Hop, Jazz.
  • Introduced At Exo – 2007
  • Personality – Warm hearted , treat everyone well .
  • ChanYeol

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    Park Chan Yeol is the main Rapper and a vocalist in Exo-K. He was born on 27th of November, 1992. Changyeol decided to pursue his career after getting inspired by performing for the audience in a school band.
    He is said to have a very charming and bright personality while his idols are Eminem and Jason Mraz.
    ChanYeol has great passion for playing different instruments and he wants to work on his skills of playing guitar and drums. His favorite movie is School of Rock and his favorite number is 21.

  • Birth Name – Park Chanyeol
  • Nickname ( Stage Name ) –Chanyeol
  • Badge – Flame
  • D.O.B – Nov 27 , 1992
  • Height – 185cm
  • From – Seoul
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – A
  • Position – Vocalist , Lead Rapper
  • Education – Hyundai High School
  • Facts – Starred in the music video of Girls ‘ Generation Japanese Single ‘ Genie.
  • Specialties – Playing musical instrument ( like Guitar , Drum, Bass , Djembe ) and Rap.
  • Introduced At Exo – 2009
  • Personality – Romantic person , Bright guy with positive personality.
  • SeHun

    Oh See Hun is the “Maknae” of the group as well as the lead dancer and the rapper in EXO-K.
    He was born on 12th of April in 1994 and he is the youngest member of the group.
    SeHun`s career started when he was asked to become a trainee by a SM representative when he spotted him outside of his school. At that he couldn’t get in but later he developed a passion of becoming a singer.
    His role model is BoA while he has a very shy personality. He likes girls who are kind and his favorite numbers are 3, 5 and 7.

  • Birth Name – Oh Se Hun
  • Nickname (Stage Name ) – Sehun
  • Badge – Wind
  • D.O.B – April 12, 1994
  • Height – 181 cm
  • From – Seoul
  • Nationality – Korean
  • Blood Type – O
  • Position – Dancer , Rapper , Sub – Vocalist and Maknae .
  • Education – Seouls Arts High School.
  • Facts – Showed off his expertise with fellow member Kai in Teaser clip.
  • Specialties – Dancing, Acting
  • Introduced At Exo – Jan 10, 2012
  • Personality – Playful and Shy.
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