Fact and Profile of SEHUN : Member of EXO

Oh Se Hun Known as Sehun is member of EXO and EXO-K, one of the most famous K-POP groups.


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Sehun was born as Oh Se Hun on April 12, 1994 in Seoul ( South Korea ). His nationality is Korean.
He has an elder brother. His family is composed by four members including him and they are his Dad, Mom, and his Elder Brother.
He received his early education in Seoul Arts High School.
In 2007, when Sehun was 12 years old, he was scouted by a casting agent in the streets. He advised him to go to an audition which was being held by S.M entertainment.
He passed it and a year later, in 2008, he succeded in getting into S.M Entertainment after going through four painful auditions in two long years.
On January 10, 2012 he was formally introduced as an EXO member. He is also the fifth and youngest member of the EXO subgroup Exo-K.
His nickname is Baek-gu (white dog) because of his white skin.
Sehun is considered an Ulzzang, a popular South Korean term literally meaning Best Face or Good Looking.


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Aside from his activities within EXO, he started a career as an actor in TV dramas and movies.
Sehun was recently casted in the lead role in an upcoming Chinese web-drama titled “Dear Archimedes”, slated to air in 2017. The filming for this production began in September 2017 in South Korea.
Occupation: rapper, singer and actor
Position in EXO: lead dancer
Active Years: 2012 – present
Status: unmarried

TV Dramas

-”To the Beautiful You” (2012)
-”Royal Villa”(2013)
-”EXO Next Door” (2015)
-”Dear Archimedes” (2017)


-”Catman” (2017)


-”XOXO” (2013)
-”EXODUS” (2015)
-”EX’ACT” (2016)


Weibo Kpop Star Award at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (2016)


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He graduated from Seoul Institute Of Arts High School which he attended while training and participating in auditions.
Sehun has expressed regrets of not being able to fully live his high school life. Since he was busy training to build his career in the show business, he did not have enough time to make memories and spend time with friends.
The time spent at school with his classmates was probably more important to him than we can imagine, a relaxing parenthesis in his ever hectic life.

Music Videos

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He showed off his performative abilities through a two man performance with fellow men Kai in a teaser clip.
He also made a brief appearance in Girls Generation TTS ‘s music video for “Twinkle “ along side fellow members Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Kai.
Sehun also guest starred in the 2nd episode of 2013 sitcom “Royal Villa“ with Chanyeol. In 2015, Sehun was featured in BoA ‘s music video for “Who Are You “ for her 8th Korean language studio album “Kiss My Lips “.


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・Real Name – Oh Se-Hun
・Stage Name – Sehun
・Badge – Wind
・D.O.B – April 12 , 1994
・Birth Place – Seoul , South Korea
・Nationality – Korean
・Height – 181cm
・Blood Type – O
・Occupation – Dancing ,Musical Artist
・Introduced At Exo – Jan 10 , 2012
・Position At Exo – Dancer , Rapper , Sub- Vocalist , Maknae
・Active Years – 2012 ( present )
・Status – Active
・Education – Seoul Arts High School
・Label – S.M entertainment
・Specialties – Dancing , Acting


Sehun is too busy to have a relationship at the moment. However, he did reveal that his ideal type of woman should have a bubbly personality.
She should also be tidy.

Favorite Things

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Subject in School: Ethics and physical education
Movie: Action
Food: Meat, sushi
Drink: Chocolate flavored bubble tea
Song: Justin Bieber “Baby” (during training)
Favorite Colors: White, Black
Favorite Movie: Action
Favorite Music: Hip-hop
Motto: Let’s live while doing things we like!
Personality: Caring, shy but talkative once you get along

Fun facts

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1. Known as the cutest in the group.
2. Does not like spicy ddukbokki.
3. His fanclub name is Honey.
4. His religion is Christianity.
5. His famous quotes are “Let’s live while doing the things we like.”
6. His shoe size is “27”.
7. His favorite perfume is A&F, Ferrari.
8. He becomes mad when he is called cute, he likes handsome.
9. His favorite makeup brand is Chanel.
10. He is scared of being in elevators alone.
11. He liked Chinese actions films since he was young.
12. He was a former ulzzang.
13. He has a lisp.
14. He looks in the mirror a lot.
15. He likes to tell jokes.
16. His role model is BoA.
17. He finds it difficult to pronounce the letter “s” due to his lisp.
18. He does not want to start conversations as he is shy.
19. He looks in the mirror a lot.
20. He has a stuffed toy named Pinku Pinku that he can’t sleep without.

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Facts and Profile of Ilhoon: Member of BTOB

The impressionist member of BTOB, Ilhoon proves a lot in rapping. He whacks raps!


Birth Date & Sun Sign

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Ilhoon is born on October 4,1994 and is currently 21 years old.
His zodiac sign is Libra.

Height, Weight and Measurements

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He stands 176 cm tall and weighs 64 kg.
He was born in Seoul, South Korea and is South Korean by birth.

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, bio and SNS

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His original name is Jung Il Hoon.
Name: Jung Ilhoon 정일훈
Stage Name: Ilhoon
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper
Date of Birth: October 4th, 1994
Age: 21
Height/Weight: 176cm/64kg
Blood Type: B
Label: Kiss entertainment Inc.
Chinese Name: 鄭鎰勳
Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @BTOB_ILL
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @illhoonmj
Weibo ID: ILHoon


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Shopping is his best friend to release his stress. Not sure how much he is able to spend just to relieve himself.
Being a soldier maybe is one of his dreams in reality. He wants to serve his country and gives his life for it.
“First Try It Out and See” a daring statement / Ilhoon’s lemma. No one would see the result if no one would ever try the risk. This is Ilhoon’s heart.
In order to beat the heat of challenge in life you should try things first before complaining the difficulty’s level.
All of who strive for excellence see and taste the dream they were trying to reach before.
There was a new about an advice given to Ilhoon about lung Cancer. He was warned that he must take care of his health and think the possibility of an illness. Prevention is better than cure.


He attended Bongeun High School and later Hanlim Arts High School .
He attended Korea College of Media Arts with acting course


Ilhoon is the only boy in the family.
He has older sister named Joo.
Joo is a solo singer from JYP. 


A prodigy! In 2012 was his debut as main rapper of the group. Fans are aware about how good he is in rapping.
They believe Ilhoon is more capable doing rapping than anyone in this world – fans rule! His distinctive style makes him don’t lose his identity.
He has established himself and marked an important role to the industry. He was able to prove himself in many ways, especially in performances from BTOB.


Since 2012, Ilhoon was more visible on the variety show “Weekly Idol”. Additionally, he had a chance to collaborate with 4minute’s Gayoon in a song called “My Love By My Side”.
He also featured in Hyuna’s “Unripe Apple”. 2012 was a fruitful year for Ilhoon.
Let’s see how artist in demand Ilhoon was:
“Weekly Idol” (2012 – 2015), “We Got Married Global Edition” (2013, he appeared in 2 editions), “Family’s Dignity and Vitamin” (2014, as guest), “Unpretty Rapstar 2” (2015), “Webtoon Hero: Tundra Show” (2015, TV series). He entered collaborating with other singers.
“My Love By My Side” with Gayoon and “Unripe Apple” with Hyuna (2012), “Nightmare” with 2yoon and “OOPS!” with G.Na (2013), “Just Pass By” with Subin (2014), “2limes” with Inoran, Minhyuk and Peniel, “Roll deep” with Hyuna, “This Ain’t Me” with Jeon ji yoon and “Wind Clock” with Wax (2015)
The demand is hard to break when the artist is known for his quality and professionalism as he is.

Career & Bio

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He made his debut in 2012 as B to B.
He is famous for  his multiple song featurings with artists.
Aside from promoting with B to B, he became active as an assistant MC in the variety show Weekly Idol.
Occupation: Rapper, Singer song writer
Position in B to B: main rapper
Active Years: 2012-present
Status: single

TV show: 

Weekly Idol (2012-2015) Assistant MC
We Got Married Global Edition(2013)
Family’s Dignity Full House(2014)
Unpretty Rapstar 2(2015)

TV drama: 

Webtoon Hero (2015) as Kim Sung-min


Born to Beat (2012)
Press Play(2012)
Beep Beep(2014)
The Winter’s Tale(2014)
I Mean(2015)

Favorite Things

Movie: The Pianist
Food: meat
Colors: Black
Favorite colors: Black
Favorite Movie: The Pianist
Role Model: Dynamic Duo
Motto: First try it out and see
Hobby: shopping

Fun facts

Known as main rapper in the group.
His fanclub name is Melodies.
His religion is catholic.
His favorite fashion brand is Givenchy.
He becomes happy when he is going to shopping.


Facts and Profile of Yunhyeong: Member of iKON

What would you do if the biggest entertainment group, YG Entertainment, identified your talent at such a tender age and the CEO, not even top manager, convinced you personally to forsake your career and partake in a field event which he perfectly knows?
Well, that is Yunhyeong, he initially wanted to an actor by profession but that was in 2012, now, thankfully and as expected he has evolved to become the best vocalist in the group.

Bio Profile

Birth name: Song Yunhyeong
Date of Birth: February 8, 1995
Place of Birth: South Korea
Specialty: Vocalist
Blood type: Group A
Nationality: south Korean
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: A
Label: YG Entertainment
Chinese Name: 允亨
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: yunhyeong.ikon


This idol is always wearing a smiley face and that is the reason why he holds the visual position of iKon group, the fans had initially propped June for the position but he still holds the role.
I think this is so because they became YG trainees’ singers around the same time with June, but not before auditioning as an actor. Even though they compete for that famed role as the group poster boy, they remain close friends.
Yoyo is known to be an avid cyclist and even if he doesn’t show his skills in public, it will remain etched in there.
He is touted as the next Malik Zyan, South Korean version and that is because of his handsomeness, skill sets and his semi-Arabian face with eyelashes. Don’t let that one confuse you, he is native Korean and his parents are not mixed in any way.


In the course of his singing career YoYo has receive criticism especially from YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk as that member who after the series Win: Who is Next has failed to demonstrate his abilities when it comes to dancing and singing.
Fans also say that he hides behind his other members, but this his understandable; he supports Jinhwan and the rest of the crew in vocals and high pitch songs. In the song “Wait for Me” his vocal quality were evident has his shout accompanied that of Jinhwan and Chanwoo.
Recently, he showed considerable improvement with his dancing and singing when he did a back flip in the dance show MTBD CL in which YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyuk Suk was in attendance.
He was applauded by him and he-Yang, later said that Dong’s dancing and singing skills had increased drastically, he also said that he no longer needs to hide behind his other team members, a claim Dong denies.


YoYo is a friendly guy with and you will find him shouting words of encouragement to his playmates when they are playing a game, and even if you beat him at that game, I’m sure you can’t beat him at cooking meat.
His family owns a barbeque shop and a restaurant and that is where he got his meat roasting ability. He can also play guitar and piano with relative ease, a type of guy who will always work hard despite his setbacks he is always determined.


He attended Hanlim School of Entertainment and Arts.


He is the oldest brother in the family. He has a younger sister named Eunjin.
His family own a BBQ shop.
His sister, Song Eunjin, is an ulzzang.

Career & Bio

He made his debut in 2015 as Yunhyeong.
He is famous for his role in IKON.
Occupation: vocalist
Position in IKON: vocalist
Active Years: 2015 – present
Status: Unmarried

TV show

Who Is Next (2013)


Welcome Back (2015)


His girlfriend is Ally.

Favorite Things

Instrument: piano and guitar
Food: Pasta, pork stew, miso soup
Song: Justin Timberlake
Favorite Music: Hip Hop
Motto: This is me. You can’t change it.
Hobby: Cycling, cooking meat

Fun facts

His fanclub name is Successful Nivea Maniac.
His makeup tips are using Nivea lip balm.
He plays some instruments like piano and guitar.
His treasured item is his Adidas Jeremy Scott sneakers.
His nicknames are Yoyo and Zayn Malik Korea ( lol ).


Facts and Profile of Bobby: Member of iKON

If you are a big iKON fan, then you probably know who Bobby is, Bobby is the main man behind iKon and famous because of that.
Bobby is a South Korean rapper and lyricist. He is one of the members of the popular K-pop group ikon. He won best rapper on Show Me The Money 3.

Bio Profile

Birth name: Kim Jiwon
Date of Birth: December 21, 1995
Place of Birth: Virginia, USA
Specialty: Rapper and Lyricist
Blood type: Group O
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 177cm
Facebook page URL:


His family lives in Fairfax, Virginia USA. He visits them there and speaks Konglish. He is very religous because his family brought him under strict Christian principles.
He has an older brother.


Born, Kim Ji-won in Seoul South Korea in December 21st, 1995, he made a debut with iKon in the 2013 reality TV series Win: who is Next together with his other band members in the group formerly known as Team B, it was only in the following year that the group was rebranded iKon and together they made up a 7 band member, a force to reckon.
Though his swag and uptown Korean demeanor might provide a different picture to many, Bobby was raised through a strict Christian upbringing. He was even a part of the church choir back in FairFax, Virginia USA where he was raised and perfected his guitar playing skills. He grew up there yes, but he is very stiff in English and cannot communicate fluently with his mother so he resorts to Konglish when Skyp-ing.
Occupation: Rapper, lyricist
Position in IKON: Rapper , lyricist
Active Years: 2015- present
Status: Unmarried

TV show

WIN: Who Is Next (2013)
Show Me the Money 3 (2014)
MIX & MATCH (2014)


“L4L (Lookin’ For Luv)” (2014)
“연결고리#힙합” (2014)
“가 (GO)” (2014)
“가드올리고 Bounce” (Raise Your Guard and Bounce) (2014)
“Born Hater” (2014)
“I’m Different” (2014)
“Come Here” (2104)
“사랑인걸 (It’s Love)” (2016)


Bobby is a known to be very versatile, apart from being an expert dancer; he is a producer and a lyricist. His writing prowess can be counted and summed as everything that iKon did besides debuting as some critics put it.
This is so because in the debut of their half album Welcome Back, he was the track’s producer besides G-Dragon and Teddy, who are YG entertainment veteran producers.
His performance magnificent showed for all to witness when in 2014 he won the reality TV series Show me the money Season 3, this gave him a special concert, a fat money check of $100,000 and a chance for him to release an album. That ultimately brought him more fans also.


Immediately after he debut in Win: who is next along B.I of Team B, he was featured in the track song Ringa Linga of Taeyang.
He even contributed to the lyrics of the song Empty, a song performed by Winner alongside B.I and Song Min-ho.
During 2014 Mnet Music Awards, he performed the song Born Hater with Epik High and that seems to be a gate for accolades and recognition, during the same year he was awarded the Men of the Year Award by GQ for his influence and contribution to culture.
He has produced, featured, composed or made a guest appearance in the following pieces:
Jinusean’s Tell me one more time
Epik High’s Born Hater
• Hi Suhyun’s I’m different
Taeyang’s Ringa Linga
• Master Wu’s Come here
• King of the Youth
• Running Man
• Happy Together
• Show me the Money Season 3


He has been single for five years.

Favorite Things

Instrument: guitar, drum and piano
Food: Pizza and hamburgers
Computer Game: Gomoku
Song: Movie GTO ost Driver’s High, L’Arc~en~Ciel
Favorite Music: Michael Jackson
Role Model: WINNER’s Mino
Sports: Basketball

Fun facts

His religion is Christianity.
His favorite fashion brand is .
His tattoo is on back, and it says “Fear only god, hate only sins”.
His treasured item is his basketball uniform.
He is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh
He has the smelliest feet.


Members Profile of 2PM : Best Idol in Korea!

2PM is a boy idol group under JYP Entertainment. The group was originally consisted of 7 members.
However, after Jay Park, the former leader of 2PM dropped out, there are 6 members with Jun.K being replaced as the new leader.
2PM made their debut in 2008 with their single, ‘Hottest Time Of The Day’. Immediately after their debut, they win several music charts with their song, ’10 out of 10’.
The group 2PM means ‘featuring music that are best to listen at 2PM, the hottest time of the day’. 2PM’s attractiveness mainly comes from their powerful dance and beast-like performances, hence earning the title, ‘beast idol’.
2PM is known for the number of concerts they hold. They held their 100th concert during 2PM of 2PM tour (2015).
Here’s a fun fact. Some members have actually lived in the U.S. Nichkhun in Southern California, Jaebeom in Seattle and Taecyeon lived in Massachusetts for 7 years and then returned to Korea.
Actually, the members of 2PM were originally part of a different but larger group called One Day. After their training, it turned out that they had to be reduced to just 11 members.
This is the reason why we have 2AM and 2PM. 2AM has 4 members, while 2PM has 7.

Debut and Success

In September 2008, 2PM first debuted and released their song “10 Out of 10”.
As it was a huge success, they began promoting their track “Only You”, which is also another song from their album “Hottest Time of the Day”.
A year after their first ever debut, they released their second mini-album called “2PM Time For Change”.
Yet again, succeeding in their 2nd album, they have deservingly won their first Mutizen Song Award on M!Countdown, succeeding even more and more through their other 2 wins in Music Bank Award.
They began promoting their song “Niga Mipda” in June, which also led them to success by winning an award for the Only One Song award in M!Countdown.

Jaebeom’s 2009 Incident

Unfortunately, things did not go smooth all the way. In the same year, issues regarding Jaebeom’s old post on myspace regarding his hatred for Korea was leaked through the internet.
He had a post in his own myspace account in 2005, voicing out his own opinions about his hatred for Korea. He was still not famous that time, he was still a trainee.
The pressure on him must have made him feel so stressed, thus he took it all out on Korea in general.
A netizen hacked his account and posted it everywhere, causing people, especially his Korean fans to react on his rude move.
Jaebeom did not let this issue pass though, he made a public apology right away and saying that he was still young when he posted the hate post.
However, some people were just so angry that they wanted Jaebeom out of the group right away.
He then decided to leave the group for a while, take a break from his problems in Korea then flew to United States and try to live a peaceful life there.
He also wanted to continue his studies and study about music more.
There were also problems regarding his issue being a leader in the group. He apologized to his whole group for being such an irresponsible leader, and promised to become a better person as time goes by.
The group will then continue their journey with a member of six, while also thinking of Jaebeom’s situation, wishing that they would fix the problems and become complete again soon.

2015-2016 Updates

2PM released their 5th album called “No. 5” on the 15th of June 2015. There were 12 song tracks all in all, in which 9 of the tracks were greatly written by no other than the members.
In September 2016, one of the members posted a hint in the social media–stating that they will come back soon. On the same month, the group celebrated their official 8th year together.
On the day of their 8th anniversary, they then teased their fans by posting hints here and there, posting individual portraits in their own social media platforms.
Then, they finally released their 6th album called “Gentlemen’s Game”, including their single track called “Promise (I’ll Be)”.

2PM Members Planning To Enlist in Military

After releasing their 6th album, the 2PM members except for Nichkhun are planning to join the military. They mentioned in an interview that their registrations are still pending.
The first member who decided to be enlisted was Jun.K, the leader.
He said, that if they instead register one by one and not all together, the earliest possible date for 2PM to have a comeback is already in 2022, which is so unimaginable. They would be old by then.
However, Taecyon has some negative views about 2PM making a comeback in the future. He said that there are not much members right now, which makes it unlikely for them to make a comeback sooner. They would be busy with their own lives.
The group, however, feels nostalgic sometimes whenever they attend events and their fellow members are there, together with them.
That is the only time they realize that solidarity, too, is important. Just because the group is inactive now, it does not mean that what they have been through in the past does not matter anymore.
Wooyoung expressed his sadness in an interview saying “I will feel very lonely having to promote without all the members.
Especially because Junho recently did a solo promotion in Japan, I felt bigger sense of loneliness.”
Jun K is planning to enlist on January next year. Thankfully, one member tried to cheer up fans by announcing that they will still continue their activities as a group until Jun K goes to military.


Official Website:
Youtube Channel: 2PM
Instagram: @2pm.officiial
Twitter: @follow_2PM
Facebook Page: 2PM


Jun.K is the leader and a lead vocal of 2PM.
Jun.K dreamed of being a singer after being inspired by Steve Wonder. Jun.K won several awards in music competitions, including Dongseongro Music Festival, where he won a gold award.
Jun.K passed auditions both for YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment and chose to join JYP Entertainment.
After a period of about 4years, Jun.K made a debut with 2PM single, ‘HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY’.
Jun.K is a talented musician who produces songs and writes the lyrics. He produced songs for his group, such as ‘My house’, ‘HOT’, ‘Game over’ and several others.
He also produced for Junior group of JYP Entertainment, GOT7, the music, ‘So Lucky’.
・Birth name- Kim Min-Joon
・Nickname- Jun.K
・D.O.B- January 15, 1988
・Height- 180cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality- South Korean
・Blood Type- A
・Position- Main Vocal
・Education- Kyung Hee University
・Specialties- Dancing, singing, composing songs
・Ideal type – Person with beautiful smile


Instagram: @jun2dakay
Twitter: @Jun2daKAY

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Daegu in South Korea
2. He started as a trainee in YG Entertainment. And there he met Taeyang and G-Dragon, starting hanging out with them and thus they became friends
3. He only speak a little of English
4. Using the jump rope is included in his workout routine. By using this, he feels sexy.
5. The reason why he always wears black tank tops under every clothe that he wears is because he has a very sensitive skin.

Chan Sung

Chan Sung is a sub rapper and a sub vocalist of 2PM.
Chan Sung is the maknae of 2PM. However, Chan Sung is the tallest member of 2PM, being called an ‘Old Maknae’ when 2PM made debut.
Chan Sung has appeared in several TV dramas and movies. He appeared in the Korean Drama, ‘Unstoppable High Kick (2006)’, one of the best hit TV drama of 2006, in Korea.
Chan Sung also appeared in Japanese movie, ‘Wasure Yuuki (2015)’.
・Birth Name- Hwang Chan Sung
・Nickname- Chan Sung
・D.O.B- February 11, 1990
・Height-184 cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type – B
・Education – Howon Univeristy
・Specialties – Tae Kwon Do, playing game, sports, Kendo
・Ideal type – Person with kind eyes


Instagram: @chansung2004
Twitter: @2PMagreement211

Fun Facts

1. Born in Seoul
2. He is a native Korean speaker and he can speak a Japanese and English in a daily conversation speaking level


Wooyoung is a sub vocalist and the main dancer of 2PM.
Wooyoung began dancing after he was inspired by Michael Jackson. However, there was opposition from the father and Wooyoung had to secretly dance. After success of Wooyoung, the father supports him.
Wooyoung was ranked number one in the JYP 1st public audition, surpassing IU, Goo hara (KARA), Yoon Doo Joon (B2ST). Not only is he a great dancer, but also a good singer.
Wooyoung usually sings the opening part of the 2PM title songs.
Wooyoung is a good entertainer. His entertaining talent was at peak during a 2PM real variety show, ‘Wild Bunny’. Wooyoung also appeared in Korean TV drama, ‘Dream high (2011)’
・Birth Name- Jang Woo Young
・Nickname- Wooyoung
・D.O.B- April 30, 1989
・Height- 178cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type- B
・Education – Howon University
・Specialties – Dancing
・Ideal type – one who matches well with him


Instagram: @dddnnnmm
Twitter: @0430yes

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Busan
2. In 2012, he released his very own album, entitled “23_Male_Single” that includes his most popular single song called “Sexy Lady”
3. He is a perfect bilingual. He can fluently speak Korean and Japanese while he can only speak a little amount of English


Taecyeon is the main rapper of 2PM.
Taecyeon is known for being a ‘beast idol’, after his performance at ‘Heart beat’ where he tore his shirt.
Taecyeon’s family moved to boston, USA, when he was eleven years old.
Taecyeon was a top grader when he was in high school. He was a member of ‘National Honor Society’ and had received a full score at TOEIC.
Taecyeon is also a good actor. He appeared in several Korean TV dramas, including ‘Dream high (2011)’, ‘Who are you (2011)’, ‘Assembly (2015)’, and several others.
・Birth Name- Ok Taec Yeon
・Nickname- Taecyeon
・D.O.B- Dec 27,1988
・Height- 185 cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality- South Korean
・Blood Type- AB
・Education- DanKook University
・Specialties- Cooking
・Ideal type– a girl good looking in jeans, girl with a beautiful body


Twitter: @taeccool

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Busan
2. When he was little, he and his family moved to Massachusetts in U.S.
3. He is a perfect trilingual. He can speak English, Korean and Japanese fluently.


Nichkhun is a sub vocalist and a sub rapper of 2PM.
Nichkhun is the only foreigner member of 2PM. He carries Thailand and U.S citizenship. Nichkhun was born between a Thai father and Chinese mother.
Nichkhun participated a Korean festival when he was still a high school student, where he was scouted by JYP Entertainment. Even before he made debut, he appeared at Korean real variety show, ‘Ya Shim Manman’.
He appeared in ‘We got married’, a Korean real variety show. Nichkhun contributed to the high viewers rating of the program.
Nichkhun is also a good producer. He composed the song ‘Let it rain’ for his fans, who have spent difficult times with him.
Nichkhun is also well recognized at his home country, Thailand. He was awarded ‘Kerd of the year’, which is awarded to the most influential Thai of the year.
・Birth Name- นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล ( Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul)
・Nickname- Nichkhun
・D.O.B- Jun 24 1988
・Height- 180cm
・From- Thailand, U.S.A
・Nationality- Thai, American
・Blood Type- O
・Position- Vocal and Rap
・Education- Los Osos High School (USA)
・Specialties- Playing piano, Acrobatics
・Ideal type– cute and kind person


Twitter: @Khunnie0624

Fun Facts

1. He was born in California
2. He has a Chinese and Thai descent and no Korean descent.
3. When he was 2 years old, he moved to Thailand.
4. In 2010, in a show called We Got Married, people shipped him with Victoria of f(x), who portrayed the role of his wife.


Junho is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of 2PM.
Junho won ‘SBS Superstar Survival (2006)’, which had competitiveness of nearly 6500:1. With his stable voice and dance techniques, he was named ‘Little Bi (rain)’.
Junho made his debut in Japan with solo album, ‘Kimi no Koe’ on July 24, 2013. He appeared in Japanese broadcasting, including a program with his own name. ‘JUNHO From 2PM no SAY YES Friendship’, and ‘2PM & 2AM Wander Trip’, both aired on MXTV.
Junho’s popularity in Japan reached its peak when his 2nd Mini album ‘FEEL’, maintained the 1st place for two consecutive days on Oricon. The sales of the album reached 27,939 on the very day it was released.
・Birth Name – Lee Jun Ho
・Nickname – Junho
・D.O.B- January 25, 1990
・Height-178 cm
・From – South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type- A
・Education – Howon University
・Specialties – Reading, beat box, dancing, singing
・Ideal type – Scarlett Johansson


Instagram: @dlwnsgj
Twitter: @dlwnsghek

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Ilsan
2. He has a soft spot for animals. Especially cats. He loves cats so much.



01:59 PM (2009)
Hands Up (2011)
Grown (2014)
Go Crazy! (2014)
No. 5 (2015)
Gentlemen’s Game (2016)

Japanese Albums

Republic of 2PM (2011)
Legend of 2PM (2013)
Genesis of 2PM (2014)
2PM of 2PM (2015)
Galaxy of 2PM (2016)


Hottest Time of the Day: “10 Out of 10”
Only You (Winter Special)
2:00PM Time For Change: Again & Again
My Color
Cabi Song
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop: Without U
Thank You
I’ll Be Back
Tik Tok
Open Happiness
Follow Your Soul
What’s Your Celebration
Fly to Seoul
Nori For U
This Christmas
Hands Up
Share The Beat
Comeback When You Hear This Song
Go Crazy!
My House
Promise (I’ll Be)

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Facts and Profile of Donghyuk: Member of iKON

Kim Dong-Hyuk(金東赫,김동혁) is known as a member of iKON which is K-POP group from YG Entertainment.

Bio Profile

Birth name: Kim Donghyuk
Date of Birth: January 3, 1997
Place of Birth: South Korea
Specialty: Vocalist
Blood type: Group O
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 175cm
Label: YG Entertainment
Chinese Name:金東赫(Jīn dōng hè)
Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @YG_iKONIC
Facebook page URL:
Call him Dong Dong, which is the other name, a nick name his team mates call him. He was born Kim Donghyuk in January 3rd 1997 in Seoul, South Korea.
He is a known winner; he had previously won the JYP Trainee search of March 2012 and was a core member in the Def Music & Dance Academy before he was recruited into YG late 2012 just 8 years after his father had passed on.
Dong Dong, his known for his flair in arithmetic and his quick analysis of questions, he is considered the cleverest in the group and he is often bashed by some of his members, particularly BI.
But not withstanding, his leadership and skill set started when he was in school, he was an OSIS manager and later a member of the school organizing committee.
All those skills set he has acquired makes him a multi talented individual who can sing, dance and his smart at school.


Dong is known to have mastered the art of playing instruments like guitars, piano, drums and reportedly some traditional musical instruments native to South Korea. He is also so good at dancing that the group leader B.I trusts in him when they are performing any dance moves on stage.
The CEO children are his biggest fan and there was a time when that fact was mentioned during one of the reality shows Mix & Match, he is the face of iKon a position he claimed from Yunhyeong and has never looked back since.


He cares about his team mates, often crying when he was in the show when some members were eliminated or there were member rearrangement in previous Team B.
Fans witnessed his caring nature when he presented June with a pair of jeans when he was about to perform in the final episode of Mix & Match, it seems that gift was what June needed before they fused into the present iKon pop group they both feature in.
What is outstanding about Donghyuk is his unique ear bone piercing, the weepy-weepy type of piercings, the way he makes his hair and the glasses he wears.
He is referred by his fans as the fake maknae after the arrival of Chanwoo and Yunhyeong, contrary to what many people believe, he didn’t injure his ankle when he was performing his acrobatic dance in the finals of Mix & Match where he performed with Chanwoo and Jinhyeong in the song “All of Me”


Position in iKON: vocal
Active Years: Recruited into YG Ent November 2012- present

TV show:

Kpop Star 5 (2016)
Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (2016)
Mix & Match (2014)
WINNER TV (junto al team B) (2014)
WIN: WHO IS NEXT? (2014)

Discography:Studio album

Welcome Back (2015)
My Type (2015)
Rhythm Ta (2015)
Airplane (2015)
Anthem (2015)
What’s Wrong (2015)
Dumb & Dumber (2015)


Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (2015)
MelOn Music Awards (2015)
Mnet Asian Music Awards (2015)
Seoul Music Awards (2015)
Golden Disk Awards (2015)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million from his artist  work.


There is no information about his girl friend.

Favorite Things

Instrument: piano, guitar, drums
Personality: AEGYO, generally pleasing and engaging often because of a childlike chaem and innocence
Hobby: piano, guitar, drums
Sports: Basket ball
Personality: Senstive, Caring

Fun facts

Known as best English accent in the group.
Also known as mood maker in the group.
Ideal Type: A girl smile and laugh a lot. He likes people with Aegyo. Also a person whose story matches his.
He was president of the student council at his high school.
He won the JYP audition and was accepted into SM, however he decided to go to YG.
He appeared in a video with other candidates JYP audition one of which was Yang Hong Seok, who was participating in Mix & Match, singing the main theme of the drama Dream High.
He was the last to join the Team B on November 5, 2012.
In an unpublished video program WIN: WHO IS NEXT ?, he showed that he has great knowledge of history and general culture. The group competed to win a chocolate and he was the first who won one. BI. (Leader IKON) also answered many questions.
He wrote a letter to B.I to thank him for all he had done for him.
It is said that had left school when he started the program to fully engage WIN training.
He competed in the program YG survival (Mix and Match) to form part of the new IKON group. Three members were confirmed, but he and another 5 trainees competed to be in the group of 7 members; 2 will not make their debut in the group.
He is the best dancer of iKON, the members say.
He is the seventh official member of iKON.
He plays some instruments like piano, guitar, drums.
His fanclub name is iKonic.
He becomes happy when he saw others happy face
-He was a student president at a high school
-He has lived in United States when he was a kid
-His original name was Kim Dong Dong Lee
-He is a mood maker of a group
-His father passed away when he was a kid
-He was a former trainee with JYP
-His gentle voice attracts many women


Why Did Tao Leave EXO? : The Backstory Behind It All

Let’s find out why Tao left.
Despite his groundbreaking records and achievement of monumental success in Korea and around the world, Exo has never been able to escape the tangles of controversy.
After their 2013 breakthrough, courtesy of their million-selling album XOXO and the hit single “Growl,” the group continually faced issues ranging from internal disputes with their company SM Entertainment as well as a possible rift among members.
However, it is the incessant withdrawal of members that has really made the group infamous among K-Pop followers. In this article, we’ll put focus on the similar controversial and highly vague departure of member Tao.

A post shared by Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 (@hztttao) on Jan 16, 2017 at 5:40am PST

A History of Goodbyes

Member departures are a common thing in K-Pop groups, most especially for those who hail from SM Entertainment.
As of today, the only active group whose original members are intact from the said company is the boy band SHINee*. In 2009, three members from TVXQ requested for withdrawal from the group followed by the lawsuit filed by Chinese member Hangeng, from Super Junior in the latter part of the same year.

Their most bankable group, Girls’ Generation, also suffered from member withdrawals with member Jessica officially cutting ties with the company since 2014.

A post shared by Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) on Dec 10, 2016 at 2:54pm PST

Sulli, from the quintet f(x) also announced her withdrawal in 2015, citing the emotional trauma that she has experienced and a shift to acting as the primary reasons for her departure.

A post shared by 설리가진리 (@jelly_jilli) on Feb 24, 2017 at 6:27am PST

As for Exo, there have been three member withdrawals since their formation in 2012.

Most recent departure from EXO

Tao serves as the third and most recent departure from the group since they started. He follows former members Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan, who have filed their withdrawals from Exo in 2014.

A post shared by 吴亦凡 Kris (@galaxy_fanfan) on Nov 28, 2016 at 4:00am PST

A post shared by 鹿 Han (@7_luhan_m) on Jan 5, 2017 at 7:09am PST

In the middle of their promotions for their second mini-album “Overdose,” Kris decided to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to request for the nullification of his ties from the company.
Amongst the members, it was Tao who was greatly affected with Kris’ departure bringing his thoughts to popular social network Instagram.
In his post days after Kris’ filing, Tao expressed that he felt betrayed and thought that Kris intentionally hid all of his plans from the group, putting them in a compromise. He believes this especially since he is also in the middle of their preparations for their first tour.
He wrote about how he thinks as follows.
Good things and bad things will switch, so when it comes to betrayal, no one should be to blame.
If somebody of this group wishes to leave, we can’t keep him from leaving.

Five months after Kris’ incident

A post shared by Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 (@hztttao) on Apr 30, 2016 at 10:58am PDT

Despite this, Tao and the rest of the group went on with “Overdose” promotions and their first tour “The Lost Planet” was able to make multiple stops across Asia.
However, five months after Kris’ incident, another lawsuit for contract nullification embroiled the group, this time, from member Luhan. Luhan’s reasons for withdrawal included his deteriorating health and the unfair treatment of the Chinese members against the Korean ones.
With two Chinese members leaving, it has been speculated that the remaining members from the China-line (which includes him and Lay) are also leaving.
Rumors of the four of them reforming into a new group back in their homeland even surfaced. Amidst all of these, Tao remained firm and assured in his position within Exo through another Instagram post dated December 9, 2014.
It was also in this day that rumors of his departure being finalized appeared. In a rather ambiguous post, Tao said “Let’s go on a date EXO-L, want to hold hands?” This was interpreted as Tao staying thus dispelling malicious gossip about his stay in the group.

What Went Down: Tao’s Departure from Exo

2015 passed and Tao went on with his promotional activities with Exo and his individual gigs. He appeared in variety shows both in Korea and China simultaneously. Amidst all these appearances, Tao has been sustaining a lot of injuries in his body. Being an expert in martial arts, Tao has been in charge of Exo’s stunts ranging from back flips and kung fu-inspired moves.
He has also been chosen to compete in physically draining sports events such as the “Idol Star Athletic Championships” in 2013 where he suffered from an injury after a high jump event and another foot injury while filming “Laws of the Jungle” in 2014.
He has also been sustaining a lot of injuries since their debut from all the stunts and choreography. These repeated reports of injury have once again worried fans and has fueled rumors of him possibly leaving once again.

beautiful day👻

A post shared by Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 (@hztttao) on Feb 20, 2017 at 11:20am PST

In March 2015, Exo released their sophomore album “Exodus” which spawned the hit single “Call Me Baby”. During the promotional rounds for the album, Tao was evidently missing from their performances as it has been reported that he is seeking treatment for his ankle injury that he got from his appearance in MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup” in February 2015.
Tao’s father posted a letter in social media site Weibo in April 22, 2015, which stated that he wishes for Tao to leave the group. He cites that the lack of support from SM Entertainment in terms of his recovery from his sustained injuries has compromised his son greatly, thus he believes that leaving the group will serve as the best for Tao.
From then on, Tao went on an abrupt hiatus from Exo, and has remained in China for the time being.
Three months after Tao left Exo, it was reported that he was staging a solo debut in China. This was proven true with the release of his first single “T.A.O” in July 2015.
Various individual endorsements and appearances also followed through – signaling the official start of Tao’s career.
In August 24, 2015, Tao filed a contract nullification lawsuit at the Seoul City Central Court against SM to formally terminate his contract with the said company.
His representatives mentioned that the lack of support from the company in terms of his injuries, as well as other issues such as the reported discrimination between Korean and Chinese members, the 10-year contract which is deemed to be too much and the unfair distribution of income between the members and SM.
In response to Tao’s lawsuit, SM countered with a case as well, citing that Tao has been prepping up for his solo activities discretely with another company even though Tao is technically contracted with SM Entertainment.
To this date, SM and Tao are still undergoing court negotiations to settle their case.

2016 and Beyond: Tao’s Future in Compromise?

A post shared by Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 (@hztttao) on Feb 26, 2017 at 11:02pm PST

As of 2016, Tao is still able to pursue his solo activities in China. He has released two extended plays in 2015 and has secured movie deals which are all set to be released this year. In addition to that, he has been active in different television shows as well as appearances for various fashion spreads. Things seem to be going well for Tao’s solo career.
However, in January 5, 2016, SM Entertainment announced that they have won a case against Tao concerning a breach of contract in terms of a temporary payment that Tao requested in 2015.
According to SM Entertainment, Tao asked for a temporary payment in October 2015 in the middle of their negotiations and SM agreed to provide the said amount.
Tao was unable to repay the amount in due time which prompted the company to issue a lawsuit on the basis of a breach of trust. It was then announced through the Intermediate People’s Court in the Qingdao, Shandong, China that Tao should pay the amount in favor of SM Entertainment.
Tao’s side immediately clarified with this ruling by saying that a lot of SM Entertainment’s statements do not coincide with the truth. According to his representatives, Tao has repeatedly asked for the account number of the company for the payment.
However, they believe that SM was deliberately trying to withhold information so that it could look like Tao was breaching their agreement. To this date, his side has released various pieces of evidence to prove their extensive efforts to reach out with SM Entertainment, which leaves the case unclosed.

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Members Profile of iKON: Sworn Brothers of BIGBANG!

iKon, stylized as iKon and iKON, is a South Korean boy group consisting of seven members; the group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2015, but their selection process was a little bit different, as they were presented to the world through survival shows “WIN: Who is next”, and “Mix&Match”.
The latter survival program determined all the seven members, and they are: Bobby, B.I. Junhoe, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Chanwoo and Yunhyeong.
The ‘K’ in iKon, according to YG’s CEO, stands for ‘Korea’, and the group was formed to aim to become ‘the Korean icons’.
Their debut single was “My type”, with which they debuted in September 2015; iKon has always been well known despite never making official releases until late 2015.
This is because the members were known as the ‘team B’ of the survival program “WIN”, and specifically Bobby and B.I were the first widely popular members because of working with Epik High on their single “Born Hater” as well as being part of the hip hop survival show “Show me the money 3”, where Bobby actually won.

Profile of iKon

Debut and Success

Prior to iKON’s debut, the members all met as trainees at YG Entertainment, and got put together for the survival program “WIN: Who is next”; firstly, they were a six member team in 2013 during the show (without Chanwoo).
iKON were known as Team B throughout “WIN” and the team known as Team A ended up taking the title and becoming the group WINNER; Team B got the opportunity to be back up dancers for Taeyang in the video for “Ringa linga”.
After participating in “WIN: Who is next”, Bobby and B.I entered the hip hop survival show “Show me the money 3 (SMTM3)” in 2014; B.I was eliminated after entering the Top 8, and Bobby won the season after a duel with the 2nd runner up, the rapper Iron.
Bobby did really well solo during SMTM3, releasing 4 singles from the cooperation with his mentors on the show, Dok2 and The Quiett from the underground rap label Illionaire; the track “Bounce (raise your guard and bounce)” brought Bobby the win.
In June 2014, iKON, then known as Team B, participated in the “Mix&Match” survival show which determined the final line-up and introduced Chanwoo to the group.
The program was so successful that the group held fan meetings in South Korea, Japan and China, without even debuting or having an official group name; around 40 thousand fans applied for tickets in Japan and 50 thousand in China, despite the limit of 2000 tickets per event.
Team A, finally known as WINNER, debuted with the song “Empty” in August 2014, which was produced by Bobby and B.I; the two later recorded the hip hop cipher track “Born hater” with Epik High, where B.I wrote the chorus himself; Bobby also appeared on Masta Wu and Dok2’s single “Come here”.
iKON was the opening act for BIGBANG in Japan during December 2014, and in 2015, they were voted as one of 5 acts to look forward to in 2015 by Billboard; they hadn’t even debuted yet, and they were the only group like that on the list.
In September 2015, iKON finally debuted with the single “My type”, and the full-length album “Welcome back” which was released in 2 parts; 6 out of 12 tracks were title tracks, and the first 6 tracks were released as the “Debut half album” in October.
iKON made a debut on September 15th, 2015 with a digital single “Chihyang Juhkyuk.”
They won the first place in Show! Music Core in 11 days after their debut.
It was the second shortest after WINNER who won the first place in six days after their debut.
They had a debut concert “SHOWTIME” on October 3rd in 2015.
The concert ended in success with 13,000 audiences.
Because fans had been waiting for their debut for three years, at the concert, many fans cried as they show group’s performance.
The other half was the whole album of 12 tracks, titled “Debut full album”, which was released in November 2015.
B.I produced and co-composed all of the songs on the album, while Bobby wrote the lyrics; Junhoe participated in the creation and composition of the track “Rhythm Ta” which ended up being a huge hit single, followed by a music video.
iKON held a solo concert in Seoul in October, in front of 13 000 fans; the concert was held at the largest arena in South Korea, which was a first for a group performing a debut album.
The “Debut half album” sold around 82 000 copies within its 1st month of release, which brought iKON an ‘all-kill’ award for winning all the music shows with the album.
In December 2015, the group released 3 new singles “Dumb and dumber”, “What’s wrong?” and “I miss you so bad”.
In June 2016, iKON’s new single “#WYD”, as well as their new album, was released, alongside Bobby’s solo album; the group sold out their 2nd Japanese arena tour, which they held during July 2016.
Originally, the group called themselves icon but changed it to iKon and changed the letter c to k to reflect the group’s origin and nationality and their intention to spread their pop culture worldwide.
iKON is a compound word of “icon” and “Korea” containing a message from YG Yang Hyun-suk for the group to “become an icon of Korea.”

Debut in Japan and other countries

During their first venture outside of South Korea, iKON performed as Team B at YG Family’s Japanese tour in Osaka.
Later that year, in December, they were the opening act for BIGBANG during their Japan Tokyo Dome tour 2014-15 X.
After debuting with “My type” in September 2015, iKON hit the charts and became one of the most selling groups around Asia, especially in China, where they landed the number one spot on the music video charts on QQ Music and Youku; during their debut, iKON were searched 1.3 billion times on the Chinese search engine Weibo; “My type” was released in Chinese, too.
On January 14th, 2016, the group made their debut in Japan.
Their album ranked the first on Oricon daily chart and the fifth in Oricon monthly chart.
“My Type” music video appeared on the first positions in charts of such music streaming sites as QQ Music and Youku based in China.
They also had iKON JAPAN TOUR 2016 in February.
After debuting their “Debut half album”, iKON held fan meetings all over Japan during October 2015 in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Aichi; overall, the group met up with 26 600 fans.
They were the fastest among idol groups in both Korean and Japan to have a concert in Budokan.
In March, they have released an original song “Just Go” in Japan.
Even though it has been less than a year after their debut, they are already having Asian Tour including major cities in China.
Also, In March 2016, the group started their 1st Asian tour, which included countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
“iKontact” fan meetings were held in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Aichi and gathered thousands of iKon’s fans.
To increase their popularity even more, the agency organized the first Asian Tour of the group in 2016.
iKon visited such countries as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.
“Welcome back” was released in Japan in January 2016, but it was released a bit differently; the group released the entire album with a 2-disc package, one with 12 songs in Japanese and the other with those same songs, only in Korean.
Not long after, in March 2016, “Welcome back” was released in a full edition re-package, with 18 original songs, 12 from the previous release and 6 bonus songs, and the same 2nd disc edition in Korean.
After the release of their 2nd album in July 2016, iKON announced a Japanese arena tour called ‘iKON Japan tour 2016’, with 5 cities on the roster and 14 performances overall.
In 2016, iKON appeared in the Chinese TV program “Heroes of the remix”.

30 Fans Fainted in a iKon Concert in 2015

In October 2015, in their performance in Jamsil Stadium, fans fainted during their exciting performance. One even needed to get to the hospital due to unconsciousness.
Fainting during concerts of pop stars is normal, but 30 fans all in all is exaggerated. They have had fans faint in their previous concerts, but not as much as this.

Bobby Releases His Solo MV

In May 2016, iKon member Bobby declared that he will have his solo debut.
Bobby first teased his fans by posting a screenshot of a conversation between him and her girlfriend, talking about having to keep a secret.
Fans were not sure of what the teaser meant, the did not see it coming. In the teaser screenshot, he then mentioned that he will be releasing a solo music video in the next few days.

B.I. Did Not Perform in Japan

On the 23rd of September 2016, iKon member B.I. decided to not join their performances in Japan.
Due to an accident, his physicality was affected, causing injury and prevention of participation for the upcoming shows in Nagoya.
This was announced in their Japanese website, because it will mostly concern their Japanese fans.
The injury was not that bad, but the doctor said he has to rest just for a little while.
He will be performing for the next shows, but not completely. He will miss the original performances, photoshoot sessions and rehearsals.


Official Website:
Youtube Channel: Official iKon
Instagram: @ikonofficial_
Twitter: @iKon_global
Facebook Page: OfficialYGiKon



Born Kim Jiwon, Bobby is not new to winning. He grew in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. He came back to South Korea alone leaving his family in the USA.
He participated in the program Show me the money3 of which he won and he is remembered well for telling her mum to start packing because she was going to buy her a house in South Korea.
Though he was born in United States, he is a bit stiff in English and prior to that win, he hadn’t met her family for over 3 years-YG entertainment CEO actually sponsored him to see his parents after that win.
Now, BOBBY is the main rapper of the group. He had featured in songs such as Epik High’s “Born Hater,” and even appeared on TV commercial before his debut.
Bobby was announced to release his solo album in June 2016.


・Birth name: Kim Jiwon
・Date of Birth: December 21, 1995
・Star sign: Sagittarius
・Place of Birth: Virginia, USA
・Specialty: Rapper, Lyricist, Swimming and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korea
・Height: 177 cm
・Additional trivia: He is a Christian.
・Position: Main Rapper and Dancer
・Weight: 65 kg
・Hobby: Basketball, Football, Playing video games and taking naps
・Attraction: His teeth

Quick Facts

1. He had lived in the United States.
2. His family is still in the United States. When he sees her family on video letters, he cries.
3. He is very kind than how he looks on stages. Fans found his message to his relatives when he was young. It was full of love.
4. He used to do volunteer work at the church.
5. He sent the prize money he won from Show Me the Money, which worth 100 million won to his mother.
6. He likes eating snacks.
7. Given his stiff English, he speaks Konglish when skyping with her mum. He is also the funniest in the group and creates the mood when things get serious.
8. Kim Ji Won (Bobby) was born in South Korean, but he grew in Virginia, USA.
9. His English is not good; skyping with his mother he speaks a mixture of Korean and English.
10. His religion is Christianity.
11. He took part in a survival program WIN.
12. Bobby won in “Show Me the Money 3”.
13. Bobby appeared in several music videos, Hi Suhyun “I’m Different” and Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” being among them.
14. He promised to buy a house for his mother in South Korea.
15. Bobby’s family still lives in the USA.
16. His favorite artist is Michael Jackson.
17. His specialties are freestyle rapping, swimming and playing the guitar.
18. His ideal type is someone skillfull, who knows what she wants; someone like Wonder Woman.
19. He auditioned for YG Entertainment in New York city.
20. His family used to live in the USA and he brought them to Korea with the money he won on “Show me the money 3”.
21. His favorite item to have at all times is a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll.
22. He would love to work with the legendary rapper Yoon Mirae.



The young and hardworking Yun Hyeong was the 5th member announced in the Mix and Match program, when iKON was being formed.
Yunhyeong dreamed of becoming an actor when a child.
Born Song Yunhyeong in February 8, 1995 and initially wanted to be an actor when he was introduced to YG entertainment in 2012.
YG entertainment CEO was the one who noticed his vocal skills and convinced him to be a Vocalist trainee.
When the group is touring, he will be the only group member wondering where his B.I is at and not forgetting his treasured item-the lip balm so he has a nickname from fan “lip balm elf.”
Luckily for the fans of iKon, he decided to pass an audition at YG Entertainment, who encouraged him to take vocal classes as their trainee.
The agency later convinced him to become a vocalist, and Yunhyeong is now bringing joy to his fans with his vocal skills.
When he needs to relax, he exercises or cooks – other members love his culinary skills, and call him Chef Song.


・Birth name: Song Yunhyeong
・Date of Birth: February 8, 1995
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Specialty: Vocalist, Sports, Singing and Dancing
・Blood type: A
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 177 cm
・Weight: 60 kg
・Additional trivia: He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School
・Position: Sub-vocal and Dancer
・Hobby: Cycling and Cooking
・Attraction: His face

Quick Facts

1. He is a mischievous member of the group.
2. He is good at taking selfies.
3. He calls himself the visual of team B.
4. He is good at comic dance.
5. His sister is also beautiful.
6. He originally wanted to be an actor. However, when he auditioned for YG as a trial, he got through and became a trainee.
7. He is good at cooking.
8. He likes Cherry flavored Nivea Lip balm.
9. He is all amazing when he sings but do you know that his family owns a barbeque shop? And he is closest to B.I and Jinhwan in the group.
10. He is iKon’s most mischievous member.
11. Song Yoon Hyung likes to make selfies a lot.
12. He participated in the WIN show as well.
13. He has a sister.
14. Song Yoon Hyung graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School.
15. His family are the owners of a barbeque shop.
16. He is the closest with B.I and Jinhwan.
17. Song Yoon Hyung was a model for Nivea commercials.
18. His specialty is exercising.
19. His nicknames are Song Prince and Song Chef.
20. His ideal type is a girl who likes what she does.
21. Other members say he is the one who improved the most.
22. His parents followed iKON on their Japanese tour.
23. His favorite singer is Justin Timberlake.



Kim Han Bin, known as B.I is the leader of iKon, was appointed as the leader when he was only 14 years old.
B.I is only 20 years old, but he’s already had a lot of successful career moments which solidified his position as the leader and a musician.
B.I is the former member of the Team B group and he is nicknamed the Charisma Leader or the Hanbin. He was born Kim Hanbin in October 22 1996 at Seoul, South Korea.
MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” was the first music video featuring B.I. YG Entertainment signed a contract with Kim Han Bin in 2011.
B.I is the only member of iKon who has been a trainee with YG entertainment since 2012 and no wonder this guy is a perfectionist.
Before his debut, he made demo tapes and uploaded song he wrote on blogs and Youtube. One of demo tapes got into YG Entertainment.
Then, YG Yang Hyun-suk himself had a personal interview with B.I and B.I became the trainee of YG.
His talent came in handy when producing and composing the debut album of iKon.
Kim Han Bin is very strict to himself and always practices harder, which helps him to be the real leader of iKon.
When news came out that he was the main man behind iKON’s album “Welcome back”, he became more and more appreciated by rappers of old and new school alike; he also participated in “Show me the money 3” with Bobby, but he was eliminated.
B.I worked with Epik High on the song “Born Hater”, for which the main producer of the group, DJ Tukutz, told B.I to write his own chorus and produce it; the result was stunning, as “Born Hater” is one of the best cyphers/tracks that came out in the past few years.
There is a lot to be expected from B.I in the future, so we look forward to him and his talent.


・Birth name: Kim Hanbin (B.I)
・Date of Birth: October 22 1996
・Star sign: Libra
・Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
・Specialty: Beatboxing, Rapping, Composing, and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 177 cm
・Additional trivia: He was the Indian Boy of MC Mong
・Position: Leader, Lead rapper, Vocalist, Composer and Dancer
・Weight: 65 kg
・Hobby: Walking and Playing Card Games
・Attraction: His charisma as leader

Quick Facts

1. He has never been in love before. He writes love songs based on dramas.
2. His little sister is six years old. He loves his sister very much.
3. He composed WINNER’s debut songs and all songs of iKON’s debut album.
4. He sleeps over 12 hours on a holiday.
5. He is good at dancing. JYP praised his dance is excellent.
6. Even though he is younger than some of the members, he is the leader of the group.
7. He is very strict about himself. He went home from practice at 6 in the morning when he was 18.
8. Because he didn’t go to school, he felt a responsibility to practice harder for members who went to school.
9. He has a charisma as a leader. When he is a leader, he speaks roughly even to older members.
10. His producing ability is the top among idol stars.
11. He loves visiting the zoo during his free time though he fears bugs. He also won’t resist a bite of Pringles snack and you will find him watching Mickey Mouse when he is not at the zoo or practicing.
12. B.I appeared in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video.
13. YG Entertainment thinks of him as the next G-Dragon.
14. Kim Han Bin participated in “Show Me the Money 3”.
15. He is afraid of bugs.
16. His nicknames are the Charisma Leader or the Hanbeen, Mambin, Binnie and Godbin.
17. He has a little sister, whom he loves sincerely.
18. When Kim Han Bin is on a holiday, he sleeps for 12 hours.
19. He speaks Korean and Japanese fluently.
20. His specialties are producing, composing and beatboxing.
21. His ideal type is a girl who can be his best friend.
22. G-Dragon praised him and said he reminds him of himself.
23. He’s the choreographer and the producer for the group.
24. He participated in “Show me the money 3” but got eliminated.
25. His favorite artist is Michael Jackson.



Born as Koo Junhoe in March 31 1997, he has utmost respect of Michael Jackson. At a height of 182cm, he is the tallest member of the group.
Ju Ne is one of the youngest members of iKON, but he’s also the main vocalist of the group.
Prior to debuting, he didn’t really like singing and didn’t dedicate a lot of his time to it, but eventually, his auditioning made him reveal that he actually can sing, and really well, too.
After participating and making it to YG in the show “Kpop Star 5”, Ju Ne got a lot of praise for his amazing singing vocal; he charmed Park Bom from 2NE1 so much, that she had to tell him how much she loved his singing.
Ju Ne seems to be the little sister of the group, as B.I jokingly said, but he’s certainly the sister with the strongest voice, and a very valuable member.
It is said that when June first saw his band members, he confirmed that YG entertainment were not selecting individuals based on their faces but skills and once appeared in SBS Star King.
After his TV appearance, he passed the audition to YG Entertainment.
Before his appearance on WIN, he was exposed to media several times. He was on K-Pop Star, an audition program, and called “Keuk chan” which means “high praise.”
In 2013, he joined some of the future members of iKon in the survival show WIN.
When Junhoe came to know his band mates closer, he acknowledged their talents and skills.


・Birth name: Koo Junhoe (Ju Ne)
・Date of Birth: March 31 1997
・Star sign: Aries
・Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
・Specialty: Dancer and Vocalist
・Blood Type: A
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 182 cm
・Weight: 65 kg
・Additional trivia: He has a unique low voice.
・Position: Main vocalist and Dancer
・Hobby: Collecting music albums and watching movies
・Attraction: His Voice

Quick Facts

1. He is a big fan of Michael Jackson. He was on TV as a Michael Jackson expert.
2. After the TV appearance, he applied for auditions. When he passed YG’s audition, he canceled his school trip to start training.
3. He has beautiful legs. He likes to wear shorts to show off his legs.
4. He is the tallest in the group. Also, he looks oldest in the group.
5. His older sister is also preparing to become a singer.
6. He is active at night and shy in the day.
7. YG entertainment producers finds June voice nice though June himself isn’t very
close with Bobby and finds accepting people difficult.
8. Junhoe also participated in the survival program WIN.
9. He is the tallest member of the group.
10. He took part in an audition program K-Pop Star.
11. Junhoe is keen on wearing shorts.
12. He has an elder sister, who is also pursuing her singing career.
13. Junhoe is very shy and hard to find a common language with.
14. His specialty is spinning nunchucks.
15. His ideal type is a girl with a sexy aura, who is also understanding.
16. He didn’t like singing before debuting, he enjoyed dancing more.
17. His favorite singers are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher and Ariana Grande.
18. He received praise from 2NE1’s Bomi for his singing.
19. He is afraid of heights.
20. He is bad at swimming, he barely knows how to swim.
21. B.I said that if iKON were a family, Ju Ne would be the youngest sister.



Kim Dong-hyuk is vocal of iKON.
His real name is Kim Donghyuk and he is pretty intelligent, most of his band members don’t really understand why he wants to be a singer.
He was born in January 3, 1997 and his nick name is cutie Maknae.
Kim Dong-hyuk at first didn’t have his place when WIN was on process. Even though he had a beautiful voice, he didn’t get a good review, and he didn’t have confidence.
However, after his debut, he has improved. He improved a lot after their debut and earned the others’ respect.
According to other members of the group, Kim Donghyuk is very intelligent, so that they didn’t understand his choice of the career as a singer.
Kim Donghyuk joined iKon after their appearance in the survival program WIN.
Dong Hyuk is apparently the best dancer of iKON; other members seem to think so, and love to praise him for his good dancing skills.
It seems that his bandmates are not the only ones who think so, because Dong Hyuk auditioned for JYP and SM Entertainment before entering YG, and got accepted at both.
He won the JYP auditions and got accepted at SM, but his final call was to go to YG and become a part of iKON.
Dong Hyuk has always worked hard to achieve his dreams, and he’s really close to B.I, whom he sent a letter of gratitude for doing a lot of good things for him.
The support he received was great and Dong Hyuk works really hard out of appreciation for it; watch out for his good dance moves, he’s one of the best out there!


・Birth name: Kim Donghyuk
・Date of Birth: January 3, 1997
・Star sign: Capricorn
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Specialty: Singing, Playing Basketball and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 175 cm
・Additional trivia: Before entering YG, he was in JYP.
・Position: Sub-vocal and Dancer
・Hobby: Playing the piano, drums and guitar
・Attraction: He is mischievous than he looks.

Quick Facts

1. He passed with a top grade in JYP audition in 2012.
2. He can sing, dance and also play the piano. He has been playing piano since young.
3. He was a fan of G-Dragon of BIG BANG.
4. The daughter of YG Yang Hyun-suk chose Dong-hyuk as a favorite member in WIN.
5. He was the president of the student council when he was in elementary school and junior high school.
6. He is a Christian.
7. According to fans, Dong-hyuk’s voice is similar to Jin-hwan’s voice.
8. He is not new to winning; back in March 2012 he won the JYP competition. Many do not know that he was the OSIS Manager when he was in school.
9. He was a part of Team B in the survival show WIN.
10. Kim Dong-hyuk’s nickname is Cutie Maknae.
11. He can play piano.
12. Kim Dong-hyuk’s role model is G-Dragon.
13. He has a strong voice, though he is not confident in his talent.
14. He speaks Korean and English fluently.
15. His specialties are playing soccer and speaking foreign languages, especially English.
16. His ideal type is a girl who smiles a lot, and has a lot of aegyo (cuteness).
17. His father died when he was a child (8 years old).
18. He was the president of student council at his high school.
19. He has a lot of knowledge about history and popular culture.
20. Other members say that he’s the best dancer in the group.
21. He was on the show Kpop Star 5.
22. He was the last member of iKON announced.



Jung Chan-woo is the youngest and vocal of the group.
Chan Woo started his career as a child model and actor, and when he was only 10 years old, he landed a small role in the movie “Sweet lies”; he was also the face of a lot of Korean companies, out of which the most famous one was LG.
As a kid actor, Chan Woo made it to auditions in YG, where he made it to the final cut of being in iKON, and when he was selected, he started to perfect his skills of singing and dancing.
Chan Woo and Bobby get along the best, as Bobby likes to tease Chan Woo a lot, but Chan Woo does the same to him, as he teases him but also makes him laugh at a lot of his jokes; still, all of the members like Chan Woo and treat him as the young brother of the group, which he is.
Chanwoo is a guy who loves confessing, he already did it by saying that the most handsome member of the group was B.I while the cutest was Yunhyeong.
He is the youngest of the group and was born in January 26, 1998 as Jung Chanwoo.
Chanwoo used to work for Kids Planet Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment before joining YG.
Chanwoo has been working in show business since 8 years old.
He is known for being a child actor and appearing in such dramas as “Boys over Flowers” and “The Heirs”.
He played roles like young Lee Min-ho and Shin Ha-kyun in famous dramas such as Boys over Flowers.
Before becoming a member of iKon, he played a younger Max Changmin in TVXQ’s “Balloons” music video.


・Birth name: Jung Chanwoo
・Date of Birth: January 26, 1998
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Blood Type: A
・Nationality: South Korea
・Height: 182 cm
・Weight: 62 kg
・Additional trivia: Although he is the youngest in the member, he is the most senior in entertainment among members.
・Position: Sub-vocal, Dancer and Maknae
・Specialty: Flute, swimming, dancing, piano and modeling
・Attraction: His tallness
・Hobbies: Swimming, dancing hip hop and playing video games.

Quick Facts

1. He is the tallest member with Koo Jun hoe.
2. He was named the kindest “Maknae” of the world through “Kind Maknae Test” on Mix
and Match, the audition program.
3. He has round cheeks which he considers as a complex.
4. He was presented with face roller for his cheeks from Yang Hong-suk.
5. He has many ambitions. He wants to continue acting as well.
6. He hates to lose. He gets angry when he loses at a game.
7. He has a fansite since long time ago because he was in entertainment for a long time.
8. Fun Facts: he is nicknamed the world’s nicest maknae and he is an actor by profession. He may appear fearless but he actually fears Bobby in the group.
9. Chanwoo does not like to lose in anything.
10. Chanwoo is very ambitious.
11. He is afraid of Bobby.
12. He thinks of B.I. as the most handsome one among the iKon’s members.
13. He started his career as an actor first.
14. He has one older brother.
15. His favorite foods are meat, sushi and fruit.
16. He is shy, so his ideal type of girl is someone talkative and tender.
17. His favorite anime is One Piece.
18. He can play the piano and the flute.
19. He acted in two movies: “Sweet Lies” (2008) and “Russian Coffee” (2012).
20. The first concert Chan Woo went to was a BIGBANG concert.
21. His favorite group is BIGBANG.
22. He learned Mandarin and Japanese for a while.
23. Bobby likes to joke with him the most, and tease him.

Kim Jinhwan


He is the vocal of the group.
He is also the oldest member of the group and takes care of the younger members.
He is very kind and is like the anchor of the group.
Jinhwan was previously a trainee under SM Academy.
However, he changed it for YG Entertainment.
YG Entertainment announced Jinhwan to be the next Taeyang.
Even though he was the YG’s trainee for only one month, Jinhwan improved quickly to make his debut as a member of iKon.
He is very kind, and all the younger members of the group look up to him.
He is a very versatile musician and has a strong voice, but his dancing is sometimes very clumsy – he fell onstage twice!
When Jin Hwan was asked why he fell off the stage, he said he had a weak lower body and that he’d work on it, but that didn’t stop the other members from teasing him and making jokes about him.
Apparently, Jin Hwan is a common target of pranks and jokes in iKON, but his bandmates still love him and appreciate that he can take care of them, as the eldest member, as well as how sentimental he can get.


・Real Name: Kim Jin-hwan
・Birthday: February 7th, 1994
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Additional trivia: According to himself, his voice is better to listen to at night.
・Position: Main vocal and Dancer
・Height: 165 cm
・Weight: 55 kg
・Blood Type: A
・Hobby: Playing the guitar and swimming
・Specialty: Foreign language, swimming, trumpet and singing
・Attraction: The black spot on his cheek and his nose

Quick Facts

1. He likes meat and hamburgers.
2. At first, he was supposed to be a one-month trainee in YG. He had improved to make
a debut.
3. Even though he is the oldest in the group, he is the shortest. Fans call him an elf.
4. According to other members, he is the spiritual leader of the group.
5. He is from Cheju Island.
6. He cries a lot.
7. His pants size is XS, which came as a shock to fans.
8. He was in training at SM Academy.
9. Joon-hee especially depends on Jin-hwan.
10. He has a milky white skin which makes him sexy according to fans.
11. Jinhwan was born on Jeju-do Island.
12. The singer has a very white skin.
13. Jinhwan takes cares of the younger members of iKon.
14. Jinhwan took part in “Ringa Linga” music video by Taeyang.
15. AOA’s Jimin is rumored to be Jinhwan’s ex-girlfriend.
16. Jinhwan participated in WIN, a survival program.
17. His mother is a professional violinist.
18. He has an older sister, who works in the fashion world.
19. He was a trainee for 3 years.
20. His ideal type of girl is someone who can communicate well with him.
21. His specialties are swimming, playing the trumpet and speaking foreign languages.
22. He is always the target of pranks in iKON.
23. People say he looks like Taeyang.



Welcome Back (2015)
2016 iKON – iKONcert Showtime Tour in Seoul Live CD (2016)


Just Another Boy
Wait For Me
Long Time No See
My Type
Rhythm Ta
What’s Wrong
Dumb & Dumber

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Member Profile of BTOB : Born to Beat

When you see bad boys on the street, your initial reaction is to run for your life; however, the bad boys of Korea has nothing to do with your life. They actually scared bad boys. The music’s beat and fan’s heartbeat are the reasons of their “Born to Beat”. The members are: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, Sungjae.


Website URL:
Youtube channel: BTOB
Instagram ID: NA
Snapchat ID: NA
Facebook page URL:

The birth of “Born to Beat”

BTOB as known as Born To Beat was formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment. The group was started in a show where they need to compete all the way and to beat the challengers to survive.
AMAZON ( Idol MASTER ZONE) chose them to be the first group for reality show. There were 5 members to start the group Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lim Hyunsik, Jung IlHoon and Lee Minwoo.
Unfortunately, Lee Minwoo wasn’t able to continue the journey due to health condition. Fans were sad and disappointed but they had nothing against him at all.
The kick off started on March 2012 when BTOB showcased their talent via YouTube Channel. For the first time, fans have heard the “Insane”, “Imagine” and other songs sung by BTOB.
The thrill never ends, On February 2013 with 7000 fans around the world gathered in Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Cube Entertainment unites all their talent to perform in United Cube Concert
April 2013 was not a “fool month” for them when they released their second comeback single. BTOB also held a fan’s day in Taiwan where thousands of fans were thrilled seeing their idol.
January 2014, a new year has begun with a bang! They released an image of “car and horn’s noise” the Ddui Ddui Bbang Bbang. On February 2014, Beep beep song was uploaded on YouTube.

New Journey

Door of opportunities is not yet done. Japan’ Kiss entertainment has revealed the 7 members of BTOB along with future album and concert.
BTOB’s fans accepted their new route. Local and international fans supported the album released by Kiss Entertainment which reached the 70,000 sales and ranked 2nd to Japan.
The journey of BTOB has been always colourful year after year. They are bad boys with heart.


Stage Name: Eunkwang
Real Name: Seo Eunkwan
Nicknames: Seo-Eunkwang-Chang-Luck
Birthday: November 22, 1990
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Position in group: Leader, Main Vocalist
Education: Modern K Music Academy; Dongshin University, Major in Applied Music


Stage Name: Minhyuk
Real Name: Lee Minhyuk
Nicknames: Hamster, Heota
Birthday: November 29, 1990
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Position in group: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group
Education: Dankook University, Major in Music


Stage Name: Changsub
Real Name: Lee Changsub
Birthday: February 26, 1991
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Position in group: Lead Vocalist
Education: Modern K Music Academy; Howon University, Major in Applied Music


Stage Name: Hyunsik
Real Name: Im Hyunsik
Nicknames: Music Sik, Rhyme King
Birthday: March 7, 1992
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Position in group: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Education: Howon University, Major in Applied Music


Stage Name: Peniel
Real Name: Shin Donggeun/Shin Peniel D.
Birthday: March 10, 1993
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Blood Type: AB
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Position in group: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Education: Hanyang University, Major in International Studies


Stage Name: Ilhoon
Real Name: Jung Ilhoon
Birthday: October 4, 1994
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: B
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Position in group: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Education: Seongteo Elementary School, Bongeun High School, Hanlim Arts High School, Korean College of Media & Arts, Department of Theatre


Stage Name: Sungjae
Real Name: Yook Sungjae
Birthday: May 2, 1995
Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Position in group: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Education: Hanlim Arts High School; Dongshin University

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Profile and Facts of Kai from EXO: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Kai is member of EXO. Not only that – he is one of the most popular members of this group.


Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 18 Gen 2017 alle ore 17:34 PST

Kai was born Kim Jong-In on January 14, 1994 (age 21) in Seoul, South Korea. His Nationality is Korean.
He has 2 siblings and one niece. He has two sisters elder than him. His five-member family includes him, Mom, Dad and two sisters.
They are five and nine years older than him.
Interviewed about his family, he stated that when he was in his primary education at grade 4th, his parents initially wanted him to learn Taekwondo and the Piano, but he lost interest in both. His dream was to study ballet professionally.
He followed it and was trained in Jazz dance and Ballet and he has been dancing up till now since he was 18 years old.
He auditioned for the first time in grade 6th and was finally accepted during his 2nd year in Middle school. Kai joined the company after winning in the 10th S.M Youth Best Contest in 2007, at 13 years old.
After joining S.M entertainment he developed his skills in Hip Hop, Popping and Locking as well.

Girlfriend & Relationships

Un post condiviso da KRYSTAL (@vousmevoyez) in data: 31 Dic 2016 alle ore 01:11 PST

Kai and f(x)’s Krystal started dating in 2016, which was confirmed by SM Entertainment’s official statement that said, “the two were close friends and began having feelings for each other this year.”
The pair met some 10 years ago as trainees and fans have long wanted “Kaistal” to be a thing!
Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end on June 2017. The reason for their breakup is unknown, but their conflicting schedules seem to be the most suspected one.

Ankle Injury Prevents From Promoting New Song

Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 25 Gen 2017 alle ore 22:14 PST

Unfortunately, Kai tripped his feet during their performance and got an ankle injury.
This will cause Kai trouble when promoting their new creation “Lotto.” Like any other members, Kai was very excited about their new project, but because of what happened, Kai cannot join EXO and their future activities in Summer 2016.
Fans were, of course, very much worried, and so were other singers and close friends of the band.
Park So Hyun showed her support and admitted that she was devastated over the fact that Kai was injured and actually cried a lot when she saw Kai in a wheelchair.
She never thought that such a strong man can appear weak before her eyes. Kai is her dear friend.
Behind the tragic news about Kai, EXO and their newest album made its way to achieving triple millionaire crown. They made a record, selling over 1 million copies in just days.

Kai and Krystal Dating Despite Of Kai’s Injury

Kai got injured in their performance a few months ago, causing him to take a break from performing with his bandmates and take more time to rest and heal.
Although, rumor has it that he has been going out with Krystal, when he should be at home, taking his time to rest as much as he could so that the healing process will be quick, and he can re-join his bandmates in their activities.
There were actual photos as proof that the couple was going out on dates in Gapyeong. The photos were taken around August, during EXO’s performance somewhere.
When it was announced that Kai was going to take a break, SM also said that Kai will be resting to heal his ankle and will not be joining EXO’s performances.
“In order to focus on treatment of Kai’s ankle, Kai will unfortunately not be taking part in broadcast promotions. He did participate in the album recording and music video filming,” they said.
Meanwhile, some fans were defending the couple. They do not believe that the people in the photos were not Kai and Krystal, but other innocent strangers who just looks like them.
They also had theories that when the photos were taken, Krystal was in another country, minding her own business and taking photoshoots. So it can be proved that the photo is actually unreal.

Kai Expresses His Love For His Fellow Bandmates

Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 15 Gen 2017 alle ore 05:35 PST

As we all know, Kai has been silent for the past months because of his hiatus. He took a break from EXO and taking time to rest and wait for his ankle injury to heal. This caused lack of communication with fans, which is sad.
Kai then decided to post a message on EXO’s official fan site, dedicating his letter to all of his beloved EXO-Ls.
“Hello this is EXO’s Kai. I missed you all. You have no idea. I wanted to see you guys a bit more after the concert so I came right to From EXO. Have you heard the news? I started to dance again. I don’t think any other words would make me more happy today. I was so nervous and my legs were shaking before going onstage, but after seeing you guys in the audience, I felt just extremely happy. I felt like I had during my debut. After I came down from the stage, I remembered all those days of rehabilitation for this day. I am also thankful towards my members and EXO-L for being a great source of support. I really wanted to tell you guys that I am thankful. I can’t join all performances yet, but I’ll be onstage for other shows soon. I realized the importance of being on stage, and I will now try very hard to be your source of support. The long Summer has passed and Autumn has arrived with the winds. I wish that you all are colored with happiness like the mountains with autumn leaves. I really love you, EXO-L. P.S. Now I’ll come back here until you guys are tired of me.”
Kai seems to be really feeling lonely and missing his beloved fans. Indeed, his fans feel the same.

Analyzing Love Relationships Between KPop Stars Just Like Lee Hong Ki’s

Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 17 Dic 2016 alle ore 00:50 PST

Even though the Kpop Industry has their strict policies, they never put limits when it comes to love. In this matter, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and actress Han Bo Reum are definitely the center of these relationships.
It was announced on November 9 2016 that the star couple Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum confirmed their relationship status and proudly stated that they are dating.
They were both in the TV Drama “Modern Farmer” that was aired in 2014, and their friendship started by just talking about their favorite sport which is bowling, then lead to romance.
Like Min from Miss A and G.Soul, they started as friends and announced in their JYP Entertainment that they are now lovers.
In October 2016, Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun confirmed that they were dating.
There were actually rumors that Kim Go Eun changed agencies and went to Shin Ha Kyun’s agency so that they could be together.
But wait, there’s more. The star couple that has been the hot topic these days are Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji.
By working with each other in a SBS Drama called “Burning Youth”, fans were cheering for the two of them, which led to them actually falling for each other and people started calling them the “Chihuahua Couple.”
These couples that were mentioned above are not the only couples who we want to look up to, there are and will be more. Love is just in the air these days, you can’t just stop and you can’t just resist it.
Just like EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Crystal, 2AM’s Jinwoon and Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, SE7EN and actress Lee Da Hae, all of them publicly and proudly announced their love for each other.
On the other hand, Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun’s relationship was revealed by a scandal. Other than that, Kpop fanatics must be really happy about what’s going on with these star couples and their dreamy lovelife.


Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 23 Nov 2016 alle ore 16:42 PST

Kai is also associated with the promotional singing group, Younique Unit, with fellow member Lu Han, as well as dance group, ‘S.M The Performance’ with Lay.
In 2014, he was featured in SHINee ‘s Lee Taemin’s song “Pretty Boy”.


Kai stated in an interview that it was Shinhwa who inspired him to become a singer.

Participation In Music Videos

In 2008, Kai made a brief appearance in TVXQ’s music video , HaHaHa song along with Suho and Chanyeol . He also appeared in Girls ‘ Generation-TTS ‘s “Twinkle” music video with fellow members Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

Televised Performances

Kai was the first of 12 members who took participate in Teaser trailer on Dec 23, 2011. He did the first televised performance with Exo – M ‘s Lu Han , Chenvand Tao on SBS’s Gayo Daejun event on Dec 29, 2011.


He attended Chungdam High School. He then continued his studies in The School of Performing Arts Seoul, from which he graduated in February 2012.

Introduced At Exo

Kai was introduced Exo in 2011, back when the group was not split into two sub units. He later became a member of Exo-K in 2012.
Kai’s role in the group is that of Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist and he is the face of the group as well.

TV drama

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To the Beautiful You (2012)
EXO Next Door (2015)
Choco Bank (2016)


Deep Breath (2014)
Maxstep (2012)
Pretty Boy (2014)

Biometry of KAI

Un post condiviso da EXO Kai (@kai_exo) in data: 9 Nov 2016 alle ore 23:39 PST

Real Name – Kim Jong-In
Stage Name – Kai
Badge – Teleportation
D.O.B – Jan 14, 1994
Birth Place – Suncheon, South Jeolla Province ,South Korea
Nationality – Korean
Height – 182cm
Blood Type – A
Occupation – Singer , Actor
Introduced At Exo – 2011 and 2012 in Exo-K
Position In Exo – Main Dancer , Vocalist and Rapper
Active Years – 2011 (present)
Status – Active, Unmarried
Education – School Of Performing Arts High School (Seoul) in 2102.
Label – S.M Entertainment
Chinese Name: 金鐘仁
Official Website:
Instagram ID: kimkaaaaaa
Weibo ID: EXO-K
Occupation: Singer, dancer, actor
Introduced at 2011 SBS Gayo Daejeon
Position in exo: Vocals
Active Years: 2011- present

Favorite Things

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Music Genre: R & B , Hip Hop
Subject in School: Language
Movie: Billy Elliot, Pirates of the Carribean
Food: Fried Chicken, Roast Duck
Colors: Black, red, sky blue
Role Model: Michael Jackson
Hobby: Dance, reading, music
Place: SM’s practice room, and SM’s rooftop

Fun facts

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Kai ‘s role model is Michael Jackson
His motto is “I’d rather bend than break”.
He is a warm hearted person who treats everyone well.
Known as the biggest eater in the group.
Does not like drinking coffee.
Is known to sleep a lot.
His fanclub name is KAI-otic.
His religion is Christianity.
His shoe size is “26/26.5cm”.
His perfume is Ferrari black.
He relaxes by listening to music.
His favorite book is Suspect X.
When he is nervous, he touches a lucky bracelet his parents gave him.
His bad habit is biting his lips.
He likes to pat people on the shoulder.

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