Who Had Plastic Surgery in Red Velvet?

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl pop group from SM Entertainment. The group is consisted of five members who all have great singing ability.
They made debut in August 2014 with their first digital single Happiness (2014). At the beginning of their debut, it has been said that they have had plastic surgery.
Do you believe the rumor or not?


Irene is a leader of Red Velbet. Due to her beautiful appearance, she is said to be the most popular member of the group.
When she was a trainee of SM Entertainment, she was paid great attention from many young fans. Her transparent skin without any spots especially has a great reputation.
Many people say that her beauty is natural. Compared with her old pictures before the debut, she doesn’t seem to have changed at all since the old days.


Seulgi is a lead dancer of the group. When being still a SM rookie, she was very popular among many fans due to her cute appearance and was greatly paid attention from people in the show business.
She has eyes that has an eyelid with no fold, but her vision is very impressive. If you catch her gaze, you cannot keep your eyes off it.
Many Kpop idols are apt to have plastic surgery to make their eyes much bigger, but she isn’t. She might have much confident her beautiful eyes.


Wendy is a main vocalist of Red Velvet. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
Recently, her face and figure have been greatly talked about by netizens on the Internet because her photo posted on a site has totally changed from that three months before.
Her figure looks much thinner and her eyes appear much bigger than before, which causes many people to believe that she had gone cutting under the knife.
Probably she tried to lose her weight and got her eyes double eyelid. Many young girls in South Korea are so interested in the diet and plastic surgery she has done.


Joy is a lead rapper of Red Velvet. Before the new member Yeri joined the group, Joy was the youngest of the group and in charge of Manne (meaning the youngest in Korea).
There is a rumor that she has undergone plastic surgery because her figure has greatly changed from the old days.
When she was a child, she looked much plumper and also her eyes appeared smaller, which led many people think that she has some work done on her face and figure.


Yeri is the youngest member of Red Velvet. As the fifth member of the group, she has joined the group in 2015.
Many of their fans got firstly puzzled by her joining, but were gradually drawn to her innocence like a child and cute appearance.
However, she has a dishonest rumor that she has some work done on her face. Some people say that she might have got prosthesis put in her forehead.
Other say that SM Entertainment told her to do so for making debut in the show business.

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Who Had Plastic Surgery in Seventeen?

Seventeen is a South Korean hip-hop boy group from Pledis Entertainment.
The group is consisted of thirteen members who participated in the TV reality show “SEVENTEEN PROJECT”, in which the participants tried a lot of different things to make a debut as a members of Seventeen, a derivative idol group from the show.
Don’t you want to know who has had plastic surgery for the debut in the group?


S.Coups is the leader of Seventeen and is in charge of the main rapper of the group. With his great leadership, he is adored by other members.
He has large eyes with long eyelash, which are his attractive features. His beautiful skin as white as snow also attracts many people.
Due to his westerner-like appearance, he is often taken as a half-South Korean. Therefore, he has a dishonorable reputation that his beautiful face and figure come from plastic surgery.
We believe that his beauty is natural, but we cannot find out whether the rumor is true or not.


Jeonghan is often said to be the most beautiful member of the group. His fans call him “Angel” to express his superhuman beauty.
His skin is as white as snow and his eyes are brightly slitted, which fascinate many young girls in South Korea.
When he was active as a trainee of the agency he belongs to, he was greatly paid attention from many people due to his cute appearance.
Compared his current figure with that in the old days, his nose seems to have become a little higher. Apart from that, it appears that he remains unchanged.


Joshua is in charge of the lead vocal of the group. Both his parents are South Korean, but he was born and raised in L.A., the Unite States.
His big sharp eyes are so attractive. In 2013, he became a trainee of Pledis. Before the debut, he was greatly paid attention from many fans due to his cute appearance.
Is his beauty really natural? Looking at his pictures before making debut, the space between his eyes was a little larger.
He might have had the inner corner of his eyes cut open to make them appear much bigger.


Jun is one of Chinese members of the group. He is often said to be much alike Hee-Chul, a member of Super Junior. His big eyes fascinate numerous South Korean young girls.
His profile is especially beautiful like an ancient Greek sculpture. From his childhood in China, his beautiful appearance was greatly paid attention from many people.
He was scouted by people of the show business and started his entertainment career as a child actor.
He doesn’t have any parts on his face that need to be improved through having plastic surgery.


Hoshi is in charge of the main dance of the group.
When he was a trainee of the agency Pledis, he practiced dancing much harder than anyone else and finally got an opportunity to make a debut as a member of Seventeen.
His most attractive feature are his slitted eyes. However, it is said that he has had plastic surgery before stating his career in the show business.
According to the rumor, he might have had the inner corner of his eyes cut open and made his nose well-formed.


Wonwoo is in charge of rapping of the group. When still in the middle school, he came up to Seoul to become a Kpop idol and became a trainee of Pledis Entertainment.
His sharped eyes give us an impression of being cold, but he is so kind and playful person.
He seems to be very proud of his eyes, so he doesn’t have a plan to have his eyes improved at the moment. It is said that he has a negative image for plastic surgery.
Before making debut, he put insulting words on his SNS site toward people who have some work done on their face.


Woozi is in charge of the main vocal of the group. Before making debut, he had been practicing much harder than any other Pledis trainees to get hold of a chance to become a Kpop idol.
He has a beautiful skin as white as snow and very sharp eyes with no fold, which are his attractive physical features.
Nothing about his face and figure has changed since his old days of trainee. Without having something done, his appearance is very fascinating.


DK is the main vocalist of Seventeen. He has a playful personality, which is most loved by other members of the group.
His transparent skin, sharp eyes and well-proportioned nose are so attractive that some people say he has gone cutting under the knife.
Is the rumor true or not? Looking at old pictures of his childhood, he doesn’t seem to have changed at all since the old days.
It may be correct to say that there is no possibility that he has done plastic surgery.


Mingyu is in charge of the main dancer of the group. At the age of fourteen, he was scouted by people of Pledis, the agency he currently belongs to.
His tall height (the tallest of the group) and sharp eyes slit brightly are his attractive features. He is said to be deft of hand and often takes care of hair-set for other members of the group.
Due to his beautiful appearance, some people say that he has some work done on his face. However, we cannot figure out the trace on his face compared with what he used to be.


The 8 is one of two Chinese members of Seventeen.
Before he came to South Korea, he had practiced break dance for about six years and won the championship in several dance competitions in China.
As well as his great dancing ability, his cute appearance is very popular among South Korean young girls.
Is his face and figure natural beauty? Looking at his old pictures before the debut, nothing on his face has changed.
He doesn’t seem to have any interest in having gone under the knife.

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Who Had Plastic Surgery in Super Junior?

Super Junior is the leading pop boy group in South Korea. They are very popular not only in their own country but in many Asian countries.
Each of members is active in multiple fields in the show business. It is rumored that some members of the group has had plastic surgery before.
Who has ever done?


Leeteuk is the leader of the group. His playful personality is so loved by everyone that he is often called “Angel of Super Junior”.
But he has a shameful reputation that he has some work done on his face. Surprisingly, he easily confirmed that he had plastic surgery when appearing in the TV variety show.
He admitted that he got his eyes and nose improved. Before making debut, he had smaller eyes and a flatter nose. But he doesn’t seem to care about his experience at all.


Shindong is an inspiring person of Super Junior with his nice and playful personality.
Unlike other members of the group, he has a plump and round body, which instead attract numerous people in South Korea.
After making debut, he soon became popular as a member of Super Junior and now is very active as an actress as well as being a part of the group.
Recently, the rumor that Shindong had plastic surgery has been spread. He has confirmed it is true. When he appeared in the TV variety show, he talked about his surgery.
“One day, the president of our agency suggested I should have double eyelid surgery because I have an unpleasant look in my eyes.
So I decided to follow his suggestion.” After the surgery, his eyes have become so attractive.


Kyuhyun has confirmed that he has done plastic surgery before. When appearing in the MBS TV variety show, he was asked whether he had gone cutting under the knife by the MC of the show.
He admitted that he had undergone double eyelid surgery. He said, “I’m so satisfied with the result of the surgery.”
Looking at his old pictures before making debut, he actually had so sharp eyes with no fold. His face has dramatically changed since his old days.


There is a rumor that Ryeowook has undergone plastic surgery because his appearance has totally changed since his childhood.
When he appeared in the MBC variety show, he showed us his pictures of the old days, which made many viewers get surprised.
In the pictures, he looked so round and plump. Also the unfashionable glasses he was wearing, which was quite different from what he is.
“My weight at that time was 86kg. My parents often told me not to eat too much.” Judging from his comments, his current beautiful face and figure come from his losing weight.


Siwon has clearly denied that he has had plastic surgery. When he appeared in the MBC TV variety show as a guest, he talked about the rumor that he did nose job.
“The rumor that I have had my nose improved is not true. I have never undergone plastic surgery.” he said.
He also mentioned his funny experience concerned about the surgery.
“One day, a make-up artist asked me to touch my nose. I think he might have wanted to make sure of a fact that I had some work done on my face.”


Eunhyuk is in charge of the main dancer of Super Junior. He is said to be the funniest person of SM Entertainment.
With his nice personality and beautiful appearance, he is very popular among young people in South Korea.
However, there is a rumor that his perfect face and figure come from plastic surgery.
It is certain that the outline of his face of childhood was a little plumper, which causes many people to think he got the outline improved by going under the knife.
However, there is no evidence of the rumor, so no one knows the truth.


Heechul has confirmed that he has had plastic surgery before.
When appearing in the radio program, a listener asked him whether he had undergone cosmetic surgery or not. Surprisingly, he easily admitted that he had a nose job before.
He said, “A few years ago, I had a traffic accident, which deformed my nose.
So I had to have plastic surgery to restore the original shape. But my nose has become flatter than before.” He had no choice but to go cutting under the knife.


Yesung is in charge of the main vocal of Super Junior. He is often said to be the best singer of the group.
Has he have some work done on his face like other members of the group? Looking at the old pictures of his childhood, he had a round and flat nose.
But now his nose is high and well-formed. From these, he might have had his nose improved.
What do his fans think of his surgery? Many fans don’t care about it because their love for him will not change whether he has done cosmetic surgery or not.


It is rumored that Kangin has had plastic surgery because he has greatly changed from what he used to be.
When finished two-year military service came back to the South Korean show business, the outline of his face was so round and his body looked plump.
One year later, however, his face and figure was totally different from that at that time of being discharged from the army. The outline of his face and body became much sharper.
He said that he owed his change not to plastic surgery but to good-balanced diet and moderate exercise.


Sungmin is the leader of Super Junior M, the derivative group of Super Junior which he also belong to. He is famous for the first member of the group who got married.
His attractive features are cute round eyes that draw a lot of young girls. But he has a dishonorable rumor that his beautiful eyes come from plastic surgery.
Compared with old pictures of his childhood, however, we cannot find out any difference between his current figure and one of the old days.
It may be safe to say that he has never done plastic surgery.


Who Had Plastic Surgery in Highlight (Beast)?

Having plastic surgery in South Korea is simply a normal activity.
Even the common people also have this done because South Korea is a known plastic surgery destination.
Unlike in other countries, the idea of plastic surgery is frowned upon. But in Korea, it is totally regarded as a normal act.
Let’s find out which members of ~~~ were rumored to have plastic surgery.

Jang Hyun Seung

Also knows as Hyunseung is incredible talented and good looking.
When his older pictures spread in internet, netizen in Koreaboo started to talk aboung his facial features.
His appereance looks very different than his recent days, because he’s more skinny and his faces can change when hes going older.
But, along side the fact because despresion that Hyunseung feel when his father died of sudden heart attack in 2012 that’s not concider his structures face can changed like recent of him.
In his older photos, Hyunseung jaw more rounded and defined, now while his jawline still is smooth, his checekbones heavily emphasized and defined on his face, this is look unnatural than his older photos.
Another comparison is his nose, in the past Hyunseung nose has been wider, and now his nose perfectly fit in his face, Hyungseung nose looks smaller and more pointedly narrow.
Although his nose doesn’t changed so much, but his facial features structures bone seem bit different.
But, even if the rumored true or not, we’ll never know for sure bacause Hyunseung doesn’t confirmed himself.

Yoon Do-Joon

Is one of the member from Highlight that didn’t let his face under the knife.
Dojoon face appears without any plastic surgary.
His debut picture long time ago with audition JYP and recent with BEAST showed no different.
Only his make up and style little bit changed than make him more handsomely older.
His eyes, jawline, nose, all about bone structures in Dojoon face didn’t changed even for small major.
That’s the fact that he doesn’t let himself succumbed with Korean Idol Industry.

Song Dong Woon

Another member from Highlight that’s said he didn’t get any plastic surgery on his face.
Dong Woon clarified that he doesn’t touch his face with scalpel to do some job done to his facial appearance now.
When he became a guest in Mnet’s Dirty Talk, the MC Kim Gu Ra looked at Dongwoon face and bluntly said “You’re really good looking.
You have the face of an actor. You resemble actor Lee Pil Mo”, and after that another MC Yoo Se Yoo added “Your nose is quite masterpiece. Is that your real nose?”.
And then Dongwoon replied “I did not touch my face at all”.
This rejected clarification from Dongwoon himself make he is become another KPOP Idol stars that doesn’t undergo his face with plastic surgery.

Yon Jun Hyung

After he post his newest picture in Instagram, netizen make a fuss of his appearance because Jun Hyun can recognize at all.
Some people said, because the angle that make him different.
Clearly Jun Hyun lost his weight but people already notice his nose looks different.
One of his fans comment about his newest pictures with “Is it really you? I can’t recognize at all”, and other comment “Nose job and single eyelid surgery?”
Which is this rumored that spread in forum of KPOP fans about Jun Hyun do plastic surgery with his nose and his eye true or not, there is no clarification from his management or from himself.

Yang Yo Seob

He is lead vocalist of Highlight. There is a rumor about him having a surgery, though we can’t be sure if it’s a plastic surgery or just a medical surgery.
Yo Seob suffer with rhinitis infection and due to that condition, his management planned on him to get surgery.
Cube Entertaiment said, rhinitis symptoims can affected Yo Seob condition that’s why before Highlight come back with new album, Yo Seob need to had surgery in his nose.
Even that statement is for medical, lots of people didnt trust it at all, some comment on
KPOP debating forum Koreboo said “If he was getting a nose job they wouldn’t use this as a excuse. They would say that the members need more time to prepare”, or “LOL it really isn’t.
Im not singer so I cant speak for Yo Seob, but I have chronic rhinitis bassically of saying a stuffy nose and the best treatment is medicine and some tissues, not surgery”.

Lee Gi Kwang

About his facial features, he didn’t changed to much.
And no information in internet that he let job done on his face.

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Radhika Apte and Her Husband: How They Met and In Loved?

Who is Radhika Apte’s husband now?
I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Radhika Apte is a versatile Indian actress who started her career in theaters as one of the members of Aasaka.
She began her career in Bollywood back in 2005 as Shahid Kapoor’s sister in the movie Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi!
In her 30’s, Apte had already starred in more than 30 films including those which were in different languages.

Radhika Apte’s Husband: Benedict Taylor

Radhika married a musician from London.
The actress met the violist composer Benedict Taylor when she took a break from work to learn contemporary dance.
In 2011, the actress went to Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.
That is when she first met the world famous musician, who evidently became her husband a year later.
Benedict came from a humble British family.
He graduated in 2004 as a violist in Royal Northern College of Music and became one of the many respected musicians.
Though the two are both busy in their own fields, they never failed to manage their long distance relationship properly.
The couple managed to keep their personal lives private and kept the media’s eyes out.
This talented Indian actress was linked to her co-star in “Badlapur” – an action film.
They had a very sensual scene in the movie where Radhika Apte stripped in front of Varun Dhawan.
The speculations aroused when these two were seen close to each other even after this 2015 movie.
But, according to the actress, there is nothing going on between them.
She also said that she considers Varun Dhawan as a “special friend” during her interview in the screening of “Manjhi-The Mountain Man” where Varun also turned up.
Radhika Apte was initially linked to her co-actor in her debut film – Shor in the City.
This link up started when Tusshar Kapoor expressed that he thinks his co-star, Radhika Apte, is hot.
Tusshar said that they have a strong friendship and they really have a lot of things in common..
He also admits that they hang out on the sets.
But Radhika denied all these and said that Tusshar and she are not even friends during her interview when the actress was in London.


Rumor with Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The actress’s opposite actor in Manjhi was also linked to her.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has a very sensual scene with the actress, was speculated to have liked the Manjhi co-star.
Some reports also suggested that the star admitted his crush to Apte.
The controversial video that was leaked from their movie added fuzz on the Nawazuddin-Radhika affair.
Well, it wouldn’t be impossible.

Rumor with Vivek Oberoi

Extra-marital relationships are often found in the show business.
The name of Vivek Oberoi did not escape from controversies.
He was also rumored to have been romantically involved with Apte.
Neither of the two rumored relationships were verified by the actress.

Her Ideal Man

Apte is a very private person and she avoids questions pertaining to herself.
She never revealed what is an ideal man for her.
But judging from the actress’s personality, Apte is attracted to men who are responsible, humble and kind.
She likes someone who can speak through her soul. No wonder he married a musician.

How She Thinks Marriage

Unlike any typical married couple, Radhika and Benedict have a quite peculiar setup.
Aside from their long distance relationship, neither of the two intervenes on each other’s career.
In an interview, Apte was quoted when she said that she does not believe in marriage schemes.
The actress believes that being married should not stop you from doing the things you wanted to do whether your partner supports you or not.
The actress implied that she does not need her husband’s permission because they are still two free individuals.

How many children they have?

Like any other personal questions to her, Radhika Apte avoids answering questions like having children.
Being married since 2012, the actress and her husband were never been reported to have had plans in having babies.
But according to one of her interviews, celebrities are only human and it is natural for any married human being to have babies.
This indicates that the actress is open to possibilities of having babies in the future.
As to how many, we’ll have to wait and see.

How he and she think about their children

Radhika Apte is one of the wisest stars of India.
People admire her because of being reserved and talented.
She got a lot of point-of-views that really make sense.
She is very particular in empowering women.
In a recent interview regarding marriage, Apte already expressed that she does not believe in the marriage system and that marriage has nothing to do with ones career or choices.
She also said that being married does not necessarily require having babies.
It just seemed like the star has no plans of having her own kids yet.

Her Ideal Dating Plan

Radhika Apte is one of the celebrities who really have a lot of fashion sense.
So, every guy who wants to get a chance to date her should make sure that they will have to remember the buts.
She doesn’t like a man who’s wearing flashy leather pants.
She doesn’t like too much of strong perfumes.
If you’re into weird hairdos, she wouldn’t like you too.
She just wants someone who acts natural and no pretentious when surrounded by people.
She loves dating someone who is equally fashionable to her, but not overdressed.

How her fan think?

It seems that Radhika Apte’s marriage did not affect her career.
Her fans still idolize her and her movies still hit the popularity board.
When asked about this, Apte said acting has nothing to do with marriage.
Well, I couldn’t agree less.
Besides, her professional life is far different from her personal life and she had successfully put a barrel between the two.
As of today, Radhika’s career has really been quite impressive and the public has really appreciated her performances in the past and probably in the future, too.


Who is Gay in BIGBANG and Why People Think So?

Big Bang is apparently the most recognized group since their debut. They are admired almost by everybody, especially by the gay community.
The group is known for their top-rated music and elite style. They may be a prominent band loved by many, but there are still some speculations about their member’s preferences.


He is very known as a great rapper, not just in the group, but also in his solo activities. G-Dragon and T.O.P are childhood friends and until now their friendship is stronger than ever. He has a stubborn personality that wants to speak his mind all of the time.
However, he also has a feminine side. The color pink is her favorite color and even her room is color pink. His room is full of stuff toys. Regardless of his unmanly side, fans think of it as something cute and not being gay.


On a gay poll about who is the hottest member of boy band, G-Dragon was unsurprisingly the top pick for Big Bang. Without a doubt, he got the swag that swoons fans of diverse genders.
But after all of the admiration, he is straight. Many fans, especially from the LGBT community, admired his action when he posted a picture to support the massive shooting at a gay club in Orlando which killed 50 people. However, he deleted the initial post and changed it into something that is more in general.


The most religious member of the group was never rumored to be a gay. He has never dated someone before, but there were no significant reasons to speculate if he has strange preferences. TaeYang is very known for his exceptional vocal skills.
Currently, he is the vocalist of the very popular group. Aside from his love with music, he is very religious and would often go to church. He is the kind of person with great devotion and would always listen to people carefully before he speaks anything.


Some may raise eyebrows if Daesung is really straight. There are instances that showed his feminine side but it’s just his way of expressing himself since he is the mood maker in the group. He always got that positive vibes that is very infectious.
For him, he personally do not want to show his sadness, but doesn’t mean it’s his weakness. He may be considered as the member of the group who is not blessed with the looks, his impressive musical skills do the talking though.


With his overflowing confidence and frank personality, he is a straight guy for sure. He was not contemplated as someone who is gay. As the youngest member in the group, he seems to be very confident with his hyungs.
But there are times when he would choose to be shy and keep things from them. He is also a great dancer and often choreographs most of the dance steps for the group. And aside from singing, he wants to compose songs one day because that is one of his dreams in life.

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Who is Lesbian in EXID and Why People Think So?

EXID is a Korean girls group debuted in 2012. After some changes in the group members, EXID is now consist of five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Junghwa.
As celebrities, they have to deal with any kind of exposure towards ther life profesionally and personaly. Even their sexuality can be a hot topic to be discussed. EXID is no exception.
Their group is getting more and more attention and the attention attracts certain leverage, of course.
Netizens are wondering whether there is a lesbian (or lesbians) among the EXID members.
Judging from their behaviour, statements and other things, here are the speculations of who is lesbian in EXID and why:


Netizens think that Solji is straight. Eventhough Solji does not have past love life to be known, still netizens think that she does it by choice. As a leader of EXID, Solji wants to put her career first before anything else.
In interviews, Solji got questiones about boys. She hopes someday she will have a boyfriend and going public by putting their picture up in her social media accounts. Solji also thinks men’s hip and butt are parts that she find most attractive.


LE is one of EXID members suspected to be a lesbian. Her alleged couple is not other that her fellow EXID members, Junghwa.
Their interactions are too much affectionate to be translated as just friends, so thought some netizens.
The fact that LE has a tomboy side adds to the equation. Netizens think that LE never gives interest in boys.
LE and Junghwa are also live in the same building and that makes them closer than ever. Some netizens saw them took a stroll around town and acted all cute together.


Based on her past relationships, Hani is straight. Eventhough she has a tomboy side, Hani has always dated men. She just broke up from an allegedly publicity-stunt-relationship with Junsu from JYJ.
Hani once confessed that her ideal type of man is Park Gun Hyung. Still, many K-pop lovers think Hani is a closetted lesbian or the most likely to be a lesbian among EXID members. They could tell from her interactions with boys and girls.
Hani looks really comfortable to be around girls and does not show interest in topics about men. Netizens are also aware to the fact that Hani praises women a lot. Some netizens also think Hani really gives off that lesbian vibes.


Hyelin is considered straight by most citizens. She is not currently dating anyone nor any past relationships to be known. Fans think that Hyelin is a bit conservative, despite her childish side.
She once said that a man she finds attractive is a man with high moral standard. She also stated marriage is a serious thing, not just romantic stuff. She still does skinship like all K-pop idols but netizens can tell it is just for fan service.

Park Junghwa:

Junghwa is suspected to be a lesbian and has a thing with LE. Netizens make the speculation judging by the way she interacts with LE. Junghwa looks too clingy to her.
Both of them seemingly have a closer relationship than with the other members. There were also photos of her and LE took a stroll arm in arm. Netizens also noticed that both of them had some similar stuff, like a couple usually do.


Who is Gay in Ikon and Why People Think So?

IKON is a Korean group formed in 2015. The group consists of seven members: B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk and Chanwoo.
Being relatively new in the show biz, IKON has set their own place in the heart of Korean pop fans. Being celebrities, the fans look up to every single part of their life.
Like other groups, they must spend 24/7 together to create a sense of unity. The constant togetherness creates bromance. They are so close that they admittedly shower together once in a while in the name of saving time.
The members of IKON also show a lot of skinship. Skinship is a Korean term for physical activities such as caressing, hugging and kissing. Netizenz begin to wonder whether the bromance shifts to romance?
Here are their speculations:


B.I is also known as Hanbin. In 2015, B.I confessed that he had never been dating before and he did not explain the reason. He also shared that he already had dream girl.
He likes a girl who wears oversized cardigan and skinny jeans. However, based on other interview with a magazine B.I said that he had a lot of skinship with other members of IKON, especially Jinhwan.
B.I even confessed that his fingers had touched the most private area of his band mates. The latter statement gives a stong indication that B.I is gay.


Bobby is the only member of IKON who admitted he had dated a girl before. In 2015, he blatantly confessed that he had been single for four years and he had dated only twice. Bobby looks for a girl with strong personality.


As the main vocal of IKON, Jinhwan is under heavy pressure to lead and to maintain the band’s image. There was once a rumor of him and AOA’s Park Jimin dating. Jinhwan once shared that he prefers beautiful ellegant girls to cute ones and he loves to see them in mini skirt.
However, some netizens have a strong feeling that Jinhwan is gay and they suspect that B.I and Jinhwan may have a special relationship.


Many citizens suspect that Yunhyeong is a type of person who’s into homosexual relationship. Netizens notice his interactions with the other boys.
Skinship is a normal thing to do by Korean idols. However, they sense that the way Yunhyeong does it is so convincing, like a man to his lover.


Netizens think that Junhoe is a straight guy. He’s quite a manly man, compared to the other boys of IKON. His face shows that no messing around with this guy. He is also so serious with his career.


Some netizens think that Donghyuk sexuality is questionable. Sometimes he could be a macho man with carefree attitude. Other times, he shows his sensitivity and gentle heart.

Jung Chanwoo:

Chanwoo is the youngest member of IKON. Being the youngest, Chanwoo always shows respect to the other members.
His fellow members, fans and agency like him because of his good personality. He can be cute and handsome at the same time. Citizens predict that Chanwoo is straight. Chanwoo’s ideal type of girl is a cute and talkative one.


Who is Gay in Infinite and Why People Think So?

Infinite is a South Korean boyband which debuted in 2010. The band consists of seven members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. They are popular for their synchronized dance.
Having been in the show biz for six years, Infinite has grown fanbase all around the world. Like all fans, they want to know every little detail about their idols life. Including about Infinite members’ sexual orientation.
Some members are known to have straight relationship, while other sexuality are still questioned by their fans.


Sunggyu is quite open about his desire and romance life. He shared his first love and first kiss story to his junior high school class mate.
He also shared about his sexual fantasy, which include a woman in a stewardess uniform. Sunggyu is also considered a conservative Christian. The latter fact adds up to the conclusion that Sunggyu is straight.


Dongwoo is currently single. He said he is not interested in developing any romantic relationship now because he wants to focus on his career.
Dongwoo has many male fans. These hopeful fans think he is gay, based on his conducts and statements through out his career. However, there are no valid proof to support the assumption.


Woohyun is probably the most talented and ambitious member of Infinite. He is an actor, singer and songwriter. Like most Korean boyband members, Woohyun is not so open about his romance.
In a radio interview, one listener who happened to Woohyun’s old friend called during the show and revealed that one day Woohyun came up to him with tears in his eyes. Woohyun told him that he just broke up with his lover.
Woohyun straightly confirmed the story. But it was not revealed whether his lover was a boy or a girl.
Apparently, Woohyun is quite a hit among Korean gay community. Netizens also claimed to see him in Korean gay district.


In 2015, Hoya made his debut acting gig in a drama called Reply 1997. His character was high school student who struggled with his sexuality and developed a special feeling towards his best friend. His acting was so natural that people believed he was indeed gay.
Hoya expressed his frustration of being frequently asked about his sexuality, even after the drama was long endend. The curious thing was, Hoya did not confirmed whether he was gay or not. Some netizens believe Hoya is gay but some think he is not gay, only pro gay.


His first love happened when he was still in junior high school. It was with a girl five years his senior.
His favorite Korean actress is So Ae and his favorite Korean girl group is SNSD. He loves all SNSD members but if he has to choose, he picks Taeyeon as his favorite one. Based on these facts, it is safe to assume that Sungyeol is not gay.


Kim Myungsoo or popularly known by his stage name, L, has an over-the-top cute face. That and his calm nature may give a gay vibe to some extent.
Like Woohyun, L is also popular among Korean gay community. However, L was once rumored to have a special relationship with a girl named Kim Do Yeon. The girl was reportedly confirmed their relationship, yet no words were heard from L’s side.


In 2015, netizens started a rumor mill about which Korean boyband members were gay or transgender. Sungjong Infinite was one of the alleged gay members. The reason to this gossip was mostly due to his lack of manliness.
Sunjong was reportedly devastated to hear the rumor. Nevertheless, he or the agency did not released an official statement about this matter.


Who is Akshaye Khanna's girlfriend? Lovelife about Akshaye Khanna

Who is Akshaye Khanna’s girlfriend now? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


The Bollywood actor, Akshaye Khanna, was born on 28 March 1975 in Mumbai, and is now 41 years old.
His father helped him to debut into the world of cinematography in 1977, with a role in the movie “Himalay Putra” which was produced by his father.
From 2012 to 2016, he was nowhere to be seen in the cinematography world after the movie Gali Chor Hal. But a role in the movie “Dihsoom” relaunched him and put him once again on the front page of magazines.

Akshaye is Now Single

At the moment, he is probably single, but if we take a look at his development throughout the years, we can see that from a shy solitary man, with only a few relationships, he actually became a kind of a Cassanova.
So even thought, everyone assumes that he is probably single for the moment, he might have someone, but well hidden from the prying eyes of the press.

Ex Girlfriend: Tara Sharma

For some time he used to form a couple with, Tara Sharma. This relationship might have taken place a very long time ago, but he actually loved, Tara, very much.
She was one of the very few women to be able to make the solitary Akshaye, want to talk for hours.
When he was asked questioned about it, he refused to confirm, referring to those news as rumors, but it was not a surprise as it was coming from a very shy and solitary man.

Relationships with Riya Sen

A very long while ago, he had a relationship with the actress, Riya Sen. They met and fell in love while filming a movie and they formed a couple that lasted long even after the movie was finished.
They went through hard times, they broke up (it is thought that Riya left him for John Abraham) but they ended up coming back to each other after a while. But it was just not meant to be, so the couple had to split up.

Ex Girlfriend: Sera

Sera is probably is hist last girlfriend that the press actually knew more about her. She is a british model, they met during one of his trips in England, and they decided to be together even thought the distance was keeping them away from each other.
Sera seems to have been a smart woman, beside the fact that she was a model, this made Akshaye fall in love with her.
Even thought she made sacrifices to move to India and start a fashion business, they broke up later on. It was rumored that Akshaye was cheating on her with a german girl.

His Ideal Woman

Right now, Akshaye, states that for him, the smile and the look are the most important things at a woman, but If we take a look at his ex girlfriends we can see that, Akshaye, usually falls in love with a woman who is clever and is able to make him feel comfortable and secure.
He used to be a very shy person, but the women who were able to make him talk on and on, were the women that were able to make him fall in love with them, aswell.

How He Thinks Marriage

The 41 years old actor, actually stated in an interview, that he will never get married, at least right now. This is due to the fact that he does not want to give up on his freedom as a single man.
He says that he is too scared of having responsibilities, like taking care of a child or a wife.
Although he will not get any younger and it might get too late for a marriage, he does not seem to worry about it.

Ideal Dating Plan

Akshaye seems to be open for any relationship, but since he is not keen on marrying, it is very unlike that he is actually looking for a serious relationship, that can turn into something bigger.
However, he said himself to “Never say never” when it comes to marriage, so if the right woman comes his way, it is possible to see him, in the near future, ending his bachelor days and finally becoming a dutiful husband or maybe even a father.

List of Work

2008 Race
2008 Mere Baap Pehle Aap
2009 Lucky by Chance
2009 Shorkut – The Con is On
2010 Aakrosh
2010 No Problem
2010 Tees Maar Khan
2012 Delhi Safari
2012 Gali Gali Chor Hai
2016 Dishoom